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[Serious] Advice on how to understand and date an ex-Mormon partner. Advice/Help. Hi all, I have lurked in this forum a bit, and I am hoping to get some advice on how to understand my current partner who is an ex-Mormon. I hope this is the right place to seek this advice. Otherwise, my apologies for not using this sub correctly. Mormon psychologist Jennifer Finlayson-Fife, who studied this complicated phenomenon for her dissertation, discussed her research on the issue and explained that not all Mormon women deal with that transition easily. 'The ones that had a hard time really internalized this idea that sex is bad … as opposed to sex is good, but the context of ... This 360-member chorus of men and women, all volunteers, has performed at World’s Fairs and expositions, at inaugurations of U.S. presidents, in acclaimed concert halls from Australia and Europe to Asia and the Middle East. Gender Affects Cancellation and a New Marriage/Sealing . There is a difference in how prior marriages/sealings are handled, based on gender. A man does not need to have a prior marriage/sealing to a former wife canceled. Partner With Us . Your generous support makes the work of MRM possible. ... According to Joseph Smith in the History of the Church 4:461: I told the brethren that the Book of Mormon was the most correct of any book on earth, and the keystone of our religion, and a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts, than by any other book ... A strong belief in the church is to save intimacy for marriage. Family life is very important to church members, and when a Mormon guy is ready to settle down, he will likely look for a partner who will honor his desire to save that part of the relationship for marriage. The same is true for Mormon girls. Do Mormons date non-Mormons? Absolutely! The Epic Wives Experiment is a one-month experience for wives who are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, burned-out, and disconnected.. Over 1,000 women have graduated from this program with more peace of mind, connection with their partners, support, trust, playfulness, and excitement for the future. Update: LDS Member Access to Partner Family History Websites March 26, 2014 - by Lynne C. VanWagenen This February at RootsTech, FamilySearch announced that Church members would receive free access to,, and Currently, we are testing this process internally so that we can ensure a smooth and simple ... Mormon support for the Republican ticket dropped from 80 percent in 2004 and 78 percent in 2012, to 61 percent in 2016, even as most other Christians moved further to the right, according to Pew.

HuffPost article - How to deal with Mormon Missionaries - what additions would you make?

2016.11.06 11:09 TheoZeroni HuffPost article - How to deal with Mormon Missionaries - what additions would you make?

How to Manage Mormon Missionaries (HuffPost article)
“Mette Ivie Harrison Mormon in progress, mother of 5, author of ‘The Bishop’s Wife’ and ‘His Right Hand,’ Princeton PhD, All-American triathlete” has written an article on Huffington Post for ‘gentiles’ on how to deal with Mormon missionaries. I had some thoughts of my own, what additions would you make? Please comment below.
A few facts to know about mormon missionaries
No Money
Mette writes openly about how no tithing money is set aside for these kids, and they’re totally skint to the extent they often struggle to eat healthily or “have no money/miles at the end of the month for food.”
No stomach for debate
There’s a line in there about them having “VERY little training in theology or religion” only and will regurgitate lessons taught to them at the Missionairy Training Centre or Siminary. “They’re not interested in sparring with people about religious history or doctrine.” I think this is true though the way it is phrased I think is aimed to take pity on them so as not to challenge their loyalty to church doctrine, though I think that is all the more reason to plant seeds of critical thinking.
Then there’s the indoctrination of not being able to call home, “being watched over by a Mission President and his wife, kind of a mission 'Mom' and 'Dad,' who watch over them, call them to talk about problems, and enforce a lot of the strictest rules in hopes of preventing the biggest problems they see happening (the elders and sisters dating, for instance, is a big no-no).”
A lack of individual agency
"Mormon missionaries are supposed to be with their companions. All the time. Every day. They can’t go anywhere without their companion. Yes, I’m serious about this. When my daughter came home, it took her weeks to get used to the idea that she could go places on her own.”
Under a tremendous amount of cultural pressure
Finally she deals with the “Young men who don’t go or go home early suffer stigmas for the rest of their lives… there is a lot of cultural pressure to go, especially for young men. Not every Mormon missionary is gung-ho and some are suffering with real mental illnesses, diagnosed or undiagnosed… This is real and not something I’m particularly proud of when it comes to Mormonism."
In summary
She talks about it being comparable to going away to Boot Camp, would that make mormom membership war? I’m sure you all have your own summary of your time, you can comment below if you like.
Next Mette takes us through how to deal with them in a kind way without offering false hopes
Dont lead them on
So then there is a lot of advice written about being honest and upfront about whether you want to learn about Mormonism, how much you want to know, so they “can decide for themselves then if they have time just trying to build goodwill with non-members rather than trying to find someone who might be more genuinely interested in joining.”
Basically they’re going to be stressed about filling enough quotas that week, help them cheat
“Ask them about genealogy. Even if you’re not interested in hearing about the “gospel,” missionaries can and will show you how to use the Mormon church’s genealogical resources, which are huge. It counts as missionary work even if you’re just researching your family history.”
Offer them encouragment, a drink, a word of advice, a ride
“Smile and give some words of encouragement... Watch out for them or give them some words of warning if you feel that it is necessary and they are, for instance, going into a dangerous neighborhood... You can offer to give them a ride somewhere if you see them walking. Especially if it’s the end of the month and they’re going a long distance, they may not be allowed to use their car if they’ve already gone too many miles in it.”
I live in a very rural area where every group of houses is on a different mountain, maybe I can teach them to hitch-hike, I wonder whether they’d be good cycle exercise partners aha, I could also help them out with bicycle repairs.
Help them get enough to eat!
“Mormon missionaries often eat only at the homes of members or those who invite them over to teach. This means they are often at the whim of other people’s tastes. It can be very difficult for picky eaters or for anyone who wants to eat healthy
The Food not Bombs network serves free meals on the street and all the volunteers are students or refugees who don’t have any income, and family can’t support them to eat healthily, so some of the salvaged supermarket food goes in bags back to their houses, maybe we should organize multi-faith nights on the pretence they can teach if they take a bag home at the end of the night to make sure they can fill their cupboards aha.
Befreind them!
"Mormon missionaries aren’t supposed to talk to family and friends basically for the course of their entire mission. For sisters, that’s 18 months; for elders, it’s two years. That’s a long time for kids this age to go without family contact. They can email once a week only. And they get to Skype or make a phone call on Christmas and Mother’s Day. That’s it. They can be very lonely and crave some kind of positive human contact... They really can’t just sit down at a restaurant to go to lunch unless they’re teaching the gospel. They can’t go to movies or other entertainment.”


Missionaries in the Global South
When it comes to the global south, I think we should stop taking a nicely nicely approach to poor indoctrinated missionaries and say you can't help here, you will only hurt so you're message is not welcome here, and activists should actively attempt to shut down their proseltysing efforts.
  • 1. “Be thoughtful by not eating too much if food is in short supply.” Not really realistic considering the cultural pressure for all men to go on a mission at 18 without any income for 2 years.
  • 2. Preaching abstinence only in HIV hotspots is evil, there are ‘Jack’ Catholic Nuns advocating condom use in Kenya because they’ve seen how much damage it has done and agree with the scientific consensus, for mormon missionairys to go into communities and preach anything that blocks fertility is from the devil is so so wrong.
  • 3. "Members should obey, honor, and sustain the laws in any country where they reside or travel" - "Never suggest that people emigrate to another country, even for work or schooling." Going to countries where people are escaping persecusion and gaining automatic asylum, sustaining the churchs relationship to that oppressive government over the refugees international rights is evil. How that worked out in Nazi Germany
Online Missionaries
Facebook and chat has become a powerful wing of the church in creating a platform for lonely and vulnerable people to come to them. By each missionary talking to 3-10 people at one time, 24hours a day it’s not hard to imagine they have better results than walking door to door.
If you ever want to remind yourself the mental jumping jacks orthodox Mormons go through to accept certain scripture or church policy, I find it quite funny, I imagine it could be cathartic for ex-members depending on how traumatic your departure was.
If we wanted to go further and create a publicity stunt, I’m sure we could organise a communications blockade for a day, by getting many people to log on at one time (using an IP scrambler like Tor to chat multiple times) with a central message, e.g. to stop their preaching of practising healthy sexual desires (masturbation, homosexuality) being from the devil.
Phone blockade tactic working for Nottingham solidarity network
Recording our encounters so others can replicate question lines
Mormon propaganda has put on a brave face at their missionaries comical place in our culture, arguing ‘no publicity is bad publicity’ they have produced two examples of people who were converted after being drawn into chatroom by south park or ‘art of trolling’, glossing over the fact both had lost either their father or sibling at the time, and were very vulnerable.
Nonetheless anytime we make a record of debating Mormons on our doorstep or chat logs from we can aim to be informative as well as entertaining. Any jokes we make should appeal to an adult intellect and highlight the institutionally oppressive nature of the church, not just specific absurd teachings, that way if others try to replicate the same results they won’t be drawn in by subterfuge. Think substance - new question lines on - not just cheap laughs - how do magnets work?
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2012.09.21 06:05 iamtotalcrap So some mormoms came to my door today... [self]

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They knocked and I opened the door. They made small talk and I politely interrupted them to tell them this this was an Atheist home and that any efforts to recruit me would be futile. One of them asks how I came to be an atheist. I told him that I was born this way, just as were he and his partner. I've never seen such a puzzled look on a pair of missionaries. "Wow, I never thought of it like that. I guess we ARE all born that way." We bid each other farewell but I can't help think I planted a seed of doubt.
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