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Matchmaker, Matchmaker – there is a small icon indicating intent for each dialogue, shares the row with your character activated boon icons on your screen – family, leadership, legacy, relaxation (can’t remember exact term) – just match accordingly – easier than memorising the response…. Secondly, the matchmaker will generally start around your effective rating as MMR, and after a few minutes of searching(I don't remember the exact amount of time) if it cannot find a game for you it will start searching lower/higher in order to find you a game just to play rather than waiting an eternity for something fair. [Spoiler] Matchmaker, Matchmaker Achievement Guide [Guide] spoiler. Click to see spoiler. 7 comments. share. save hide report. 93% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. level 1. 3 points · 2 years ago. Start 15 successful conversations in a row between factions in the Chantry. Sometimes the best weapon really is friendship. Position Servers Previous rating New rating Evolution; 1 st: 3 Stormbluff Isle: 410 338.288: 410 325.509-12.780 2 nd: Blackgate: 40 124 105 338.061: 40 124 105 338.061 A Star to Guide Us: Matchmaker, Matchmaker — Start 15 successful conversations in a row between factions in the Chantry. (7) A Star to Guide Us: Ethereal Exchange — I have to stop Kralkatorrik for Nenah and all the others in the Mists who are in danger. (1) Notes Now, aside from how the matchmaker works with regards to the server-wide ping, these matches of high level players vs. low level players was also explained. The fact is that the matchmaker is simply not good enough in determining skill level to create balanced matches. The explanation is a bit long and tedious, but it has to do with Matchmaker, Matchmaker. Start 15 successful conversations in a row between factions in the Chantry. No More Mr. Fungi. Take down a few of your hallucinations. You Can Certainly Try. Participate in the Death-Branded Shatterer event. Jahai Bounty Hunter. Complete all four bounties in Jahai Bluffs. At work to do with queue types, guild wars 2, your very perplexing independent of. Still gw2 lately and your actual ranked. dating könig, our goal remains to make. Arenanet 'folded like the matchmaker for this is precisely why mmr and hotenow? Elite. Pvp? He enjoys cooking, this quality gw2 and. A Star to Guide Us: Matchmaker, Matchmaker — Start 15 successful conversations in a row between factions in the Chantry. (7) Jahai Bluffs. Areas:

Round 4: Improve Positive Feedback Loop in Wvw

2020.08.31 11:32 Triskellot Round 4: Improve Positive Feedback Loop in Wvw

In "Round 3: High-Level Concepts of PvP, Analysis And Discussion" I analyzed some key issues which hold Pvp and Wvw back. Now I'd like to describe a couple of suggestions in detail which could improve Wvw in various ways based on the previous post.
Wvw Is An Ecosystem For Guilds
Wvw is the ultimate test of skill for groups and guilds. No battle against AI will ever match battles against human players. There is nothing like competing with other players. As previously described, GW2 just nails group fights in their combat system. However at the same time GW2 gives players a hard time to coordinate with their friends.
Wvw is where a lot of guilds could thrive and which could put a lot of Guild Wars back into Guild Wars 2.
I'll now build a list of suggestions which are aimed as a whole to provide players with the tools to coordinate and play together, while also competing with other groups of players. Each battle between guilds should be good for the game.

-Players pledge allegiance in Wvw ui before queuing up: choose one of red, green, blue or mercenary
-Mercenaries fill the ranks of each side to reach rather balanced matchups
-Squad leader, party leader or player may queue for Wvw. All members of a party and squad share the same allegiance as the leader.
-If a relative minority of a group are players from other guilds, the group is considered a guild group.
Guilds may form alliances, all guilds share the same allegiance. The matchmaker tries to get as many guild groups into the same match. If the alliance pledges support to mercenaries, the MM tries to assign alliance groups to the same sides in one or more matchups. E.g. 2 guild squads for red in match A, 3 guild squads for green in match B.

-Match duration
A match takes one week and is played on a single map. Either use EB or we'll probably need a new one for this.
A match is divided into skirmishes taking around an hour each. At the end of the set time, the skirmish ends. Players get rewards for their side's score, group performance, how they fared given the initial map state and overall participation. Each participating guild's elo is affected by the final ranking.
-Map Closure
A skirmish starts when there are enough players on 2 out of 3 sides. Until this condition is met, only parts of a map are accessible to the players. After a skirmish ends, the map closes again if the condition is not met. Objectives may keep their status during map closure depending on their type and position. No scoring happens during map closure. Rewards may be acquired. Players located in inaccessible areas get trebbed back to spawn. A closed map may be used to warm-up, prepare the map for scoring or as a tutorial. Players do get regular rewards.
-Continuous Matchmaking
The system groups up guilds with the same allegiance. Then the matchmaker decides which guilds and alliances are pitted against each other in matches based on various stats like guild elo and guild Wvw attendance. This calculation happens dynamically to account for leaving and joining groups.
Players and parties (of 5) queued up fill the next best slots.

-Guild Performance
Squads which consist of a majority of players from the same guild are tracked by the system. Each time they win or lose against another squad of considerable size, it affects the guild's elo.
-Guild Ladder
Guilds are ranked by their elo and Wvw attendance. E.g. laddeclass A ranks guilds with 1-25 Wvw attendance, laddeclass B 26-50, laddeclass C 51-75 and laddeclass D 76-100. Alternatively, A 1-10, B 11-25, C 26-50, D 51+. Not sure which approach would be better.

Automated Tournaments
At the end of each match, guilds may participate in tournaments. Basically they work like normal skirmishes, but elo is more volatile and rewards are increased. If the week happens to be the last of the month, guilds participate in a monthly tournament.
If two guilds are tied in rank, decide the winner in a deathmatch in a Wvw area. E.g. Stonemist Castle.
Spectator Mode
Skirmishes played during tournaments may be watched by players while they happen.
Add a Xunlai agent which allows players to bet on top rankings for each laddeclass per month. Of course, all currencies are ingame currencies. They are meant to increase player engagement with Wvw and guilds participating in Wvw. Each mAT should make Wvw guilds more visible and attract more players and guilds to Wvw.
-Increase WXP and participation if players are members of a group or squad.
-Add liquid gold to Wvw reward tracks
-Balance rewards of ascended and legendary quality around length of skirmishes, use skirmishes during automated tournaments as a benchmark.

-It fosters guilds.
-Matchmaking creates matches with fair strength on each side most of the time
-PPT is no longer rather meaningless to the player. It becomes a tie-breaker for guild ranking and affects rewards.
-Persistence is used to gauge progress between skirmishes. A player may set goals to improve their side's standing knowing it will remain until competition is equal again.
-Night-capping and imbalances in server population become non-issues
-Rewards are based on 1-hour segments of playtime
-Skirmishes are like meta events and give players a sense of completion
-Competition pulls in players, rewards keep them.
-Rewards group play from 5 up to 50 players. Socializing players.
-Matches are decoupled from another.
-ANet may scale the number of matches with participating guilds.

Looking forward to your replies :)
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2020.08.26 12:28 Nakinen Is this a game for me?

I'm looking for a game which I can leave/log out whenever because I can almost only play in the evening when my very young kids are asleep and they can wake up at any time. Is this possible in gw2 or is dying very punishing? Also I mainly want to play solo. Are there matchmakers for dungeons and such activities, if they exist?
I mostly play oldschool runescape which allows me to leave/logout at any time, however I'd like another game to play while afk skilling in OSRS.
Is there any other information you think I'd find useful?
Thanks in advance!
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2020.08.12 08:55 chuyon97 Current Bugs & Glitches (warning: long post)

Some of these could rather be considered design choices rather than bugs ir glitches, but this is what I've experienced so far after all updates.
  1. Battle Arena - not always counts wins, does not show final match score, and does not show best performers. Also, even if players win the 5 matches in a row to calibrate, they're still thrown to C- (caused by players who quit mid-match?)
  2. Podium celebration - sometimes doesn't display players' names. Should be reverted to the podium from when the game launched.
  3. Preserve Pastures - still takes too long to load. Mostly a console issue?
  4. Winning/losing cutscenes (Turf Takeover) - sometimes take too long to load or do not load at all. Even at times they don't play music.
  1. Electric Slide - Funky bouncer ability still doesn't carry away plants like previous times. Only works when bounced off the ground.
  2. Imp - invincibility is either broken or glitchy. Imp will only die if hes being shot and takes damage as he is summoning his mech (need confirmation).
  3. Imp - players are able to use abilities while in gravity grenade to escape.
  4. Chomper - hits do not always register even if numbers pop up. Happens with chomp attack.
  5. Chomper - if a player does not vanquish with burrow ability, this will cooldown much faster. Wasn't like this at launch nor could find any changes to this ability.
  6. Acorn - team up Oak health bar is almost always either full or empty. Does not show overhealth.
  7. Acorn - both sap trap abilities sometimes do no damage even when numbers pop up (another server side issue?)
  8. Peashooter - cannot throw chili bomb quickly after jumping during hyper ability.
  9. 80's Action Hero - can't miss-ile ability still doesn't work properly. Worked better when 12 v 12 was brought back (server side lag issue?)
  10. Scientist - killing a player with steam blaster after dying does not award you the kill.
  11. Rose - affected by imp's gravity grenade during arcane enigma.
  12. Foot soldier - killing someone with smoke after dying does not reward you with the kill.
  13. Foot soldier - buggy/laggy transition from a zpg jumpshot back to landing on the ground.
  14. Engineer - sometimes does only 13 damage to enemies with primary weapon.
  15. Cactus & Captain Deadbeard - drone's hitbox is buggy. Can do severe damage to destroy them and they will survive.
  16. Superbrainz - his punches sometimes still do not register correctly.
  17. Snapdragon - sprinting animation bugs out after using flare ball attack.
  18. Snapdragon - can use blue blaze ability from quite a distance even without the upgrade.
  19. All star - the game appears to not show the vanquish by camera when vanquished by sprint tackle.
  20. Sunflower & Hypno Shroom - heal beam and shroom's beam can stay on a player after getting vanquished.
  1. AI backfill in multiplayer - getting rid of this would be better because majority of the community does not enjoy getting killed in mid-air by bots with perfect pixel aim.
  2. Add crossplay (between PS4 and Xbox One) - this should improve matchmaking issues and people will have less problems finding matches.
  3. Add a server browser with match progress - this will drastically improve the multiplayer experience and players will enjoy getting into games that are just starting off rather than joining a game that just ended (obviously).
  4. Consumables - both teams are missing important defensive and offensive consumables. Examples of these are Bamboo Shoot, Fire Pea, Snow Pea, etc. Adding melon-pult from the mobile games would be a big plus.
  5. Dr. Heals - increased healing rate to match that of GW2. This is one of the worst consumables in the game because of its slow healing. There are instances where this consumable lights up and has increased heal rate, but cannot tell how or what causes it.
  6. Bonk Choy and Boxer Bot - increased damage to 55 per hit. Same applies to Boxer Bot. Players would be willing to use these consumables more and they would match their damage descriptions.
  7. Breaker Bot & Fume Shroom - Both consumables should do damage through zombie/plant armor. This is the purpose as to why they are in the game so might as well make them work correctly.
  1. Grody goop - decreased upfront damage from 40 to 25. Damage overtime to last 5 seconds. Since grody goop can be spread to all zombies that are around a player taking damage, this should be nerfed. Zombies that are struggling to fight back or that already have low health will have a better chance of survival.
  2. Steam blaster - decreased max damage from 13 to 10.5. Ticking damage remains unchanged. It is currently too easy to kill plants with this upgrade. Those that are bunched up in groups will have a better chance to fight back and not get instantly wiped. Edit: with the ammo nerf, does this still need to happen?
  3. Imp mechs damage - increased from 6 to 9. The mech's primary weapon is unreliable against large groups of plants. It overheats too quick for the amount of damage it does.
  4. Oak team up - healing ability to have a shorter cooldown from 12 seconds to 10 seconds. It is hard to match space cadet's team up capabilities because of the different abilities and weapons. Healing rate is unchanged.
  5. Space Cadet - Now has a cooldown for space station matching that of Acorn.
  6. Scientist warp - add a delay of 3 seconds before being able to use ability again. Currently it is too easy to escape as a scientist. By adding this delay, players will now have to think how to use warp more strategically and it will no longer be a get out of jail free card.
  7. Snapdragon's Damage overtime - decreased from 9 to 5 and lasts 4 seconds. Zombies will no longer be running around with 15 health only to get vanquished afterwards.
  8. All star's tackle and imp punt - Make it so that all star can tackle more than 1 plant. Damage to stay at 75.
  9. Imp Punt - Increased damage to 125. With these changes, all star will have a chance to compete with the rest of the classes.
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2020.08.02 06:36 JCVanDamage Why play ESO ? (A discussion i hope)

Longpost sorry. But i can't criticize an mmo (and imo no one can) with just a few sentence.
So yes my original post was poorly made. Here we go.

Firstly i played since the beta preorder the game and played in on and off till summerset.

Questing :
Imo i don't think voice acting add too much value in the game because i don't mind reading but its subjective.
I didn't really like the questing in ESO because its always the same thing they give you choice that hardly matter, i guess my biggest complain is that the choice you made don't really impact the world. Story wise i think most quest were boring maybe wrothgar was good but some character (the wood elves girl) seem out of place and idk why every time they need to put some funny character, that break really hard my immersion more so when the story is serious. And when one of the funny character do smthg serious that seem out of place.
But the biggest insult for me was morrowind main story, at the end you choose to kill the girl and even if she was kinda right she killed so many inoccent people in her quest for vengeance so i choose to kill her but i was unpleasantly surprise to see her at the end of summerset still alive because this assassin girl who is acting superbadass and such, didn't have the heart to kill her, i guess that's fine but why give me the choice then? and imo the summerset story line was pretty underwhelming for a conclusion about the deadra war.

Now for the pve well i didn't do vet trial because it didn't had any loot that needed at the time and iam not really a fan of pve without smthg to earn so i can't comment on it.
For dungeon, they are pretty simplistic mechanic wise and every things is so simple i guess it's because your character can do absurd dps in the context of the dungeon, you don't even need a healer because most mechanic is OS or dodge so you just burst the boss and avoid the OS mechanic and you barely need heal and even if you need it you can just heal yourself easily.

Open World :
For open world, everything is dead easy that you OS every thing like what when i played i did 30k-40k dps and a normal mob have like 30k hp so i could basicly just left clic them.
If you want a challenge in the open world, you can solo world boss but they are not even hard they just do a lot of dmg with their auto but mechanic wise there is pretty much nothing.

And now for the main reason that i played this game the pvp becoming emperor and such.
So first of all at least on EU server cyro is pretty much unplayable since launch till i quit cuz of the lag, so your only bet was doing small scale in a mode that advertise big battle.
And even if it became very stall fast i mean its fun to hold a bridge for 1/2 hours but sieging castle was pretty meh.
My biggest issue is the gameplay to be fair you could become a god and do 1vXX easily but it wasn't because your were good but because your opponent were bad.
So they put IC and i through it was the best thing ever pvpve is such a good mode but the lagg was always there and it become dead pretty quickly so no real reason to do it so i mainly did pve there...
BG well they are simply bad because of the matchmaking system you could have sometime only 2 team mate, some were bad, and you could be against full premade that just wipe your group but they "fixed it" by removing premade ??? such a bad decision they could have put two queue but i guess there is not enough player playing BG.
Also there is no ranked system so you pretty much stomp or get stomp, it was hard to find an evenly match fight.
And to top it off, the game mode were bad at least i didn't like them i think wow BG are way better.

Gameplay :
Now the fun part the gameplay, well its just bad, it really don't feel like a combat system made by a AAA dev but rather an indie dev on low budget. That was so bad that it was hard to know if a mechanic was intended or a bug example the bubble that silence you when your inside, well you could just break off it and i through to myself that can't be right, well i was right it was a bug that existed for 4 years i think, till they fixed it (at least for the mob i don't recall for the player).
Well there is a lot of things too like weaving was it intended or not ? it don't seem like it. Spamming one ability and your other skill are buff or dot, again that was intented ? i don't think so.
The dev, have no clue what they want to do with their gameplay so they roll with it, smthg could be a bug but they will say nah it was intented.

Polish :
Again it doesnt seem like a AAA studio, the animation are pretty stiff, multiple bug compared to what an AAA studio can make, i think that they engine is pretty bad and they are unfortunately stuck with it.
I really don't know why you can't desactivate music battle, i really hate music battle in any mmorpg, i had to put the music completly down, its a shame because i couldn't listen to the zone music.

Some positive :
I liked the thief system but i would prefer if it had more player to player interaction like you could stop a thief and such and had a justice system in the game.
I liked the vertical progression.
I really enjoyed playing with my DK magicka, i guess it's because i like battlemage and unfortunately not too much mmo have it.
The emperor system was promising.
I liked the vampire system not so much werewolves.
The thief and assasination mission were kinda good, i guess it was a good variety.
I really liked the wrothgar DLC, iam kinda sad that i didn't have the same feeling with other DLC maybe clockwork city not so much about the actual content but more so the fact that you're in tiny sphere, imo the highlight was when you talk to the guy (one of the tribunal) at the end i forget is name.
I guess it was pretty nice to live in the world of ESO and to be fair they did implement some things that were previously on other ES game like the book that was pretty neat (even if i didn't read them all or not at all).
Writing about possitive make me things that ESO have so much potential that i think will never be expanded like the justice system but i can see why it would be hard to implement and would lead to abuse.

Conclusion :
I am certainly missing some elements but there is so much to talk about it because there is so much in this game but quantity doesn't mean quality.
On a final note when i want to play ESO i think to myself why ?
For the pve ? why just not play wow or ff14 they have better instanced pve.
For the pvp ? well its mainly the reason because pvp mmo are kinda dead but again it's average at best i could simply play other genre and have more fun.
For the open world ? well GW2 do better in an open world game than eso imo (jumping puzzle, dynamic event, world boss that feel like world boss (sadly only feel),....).
For questing ? well i could just play a single play rpg and have a blast in a game purely design for it and modded to my liking.

So what you think that ESO do better than other mmorpg ?
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2020.07.26 01:34 jezvin [Discussion] Discussion of MMORPG’s games within the game, or the End Game.

The recent posts about LFG threads has caused me to want to create topics for this sub.
The premise of the discussion is based on the evolution of MMORPGs that we have seen. Where games that originally were designed with a broad scope of a fantasy world, have become described as PvP games, raiding games, or grinding games. I think it’s important to grasp this concept to understand just what MMORPGs have become.
So MMORPG how do you feel about the games we play in MMORPGS, has any specific one done something special for you? Is there a type of gameplay that you think is the correct MMORPG?
I’m gonna start the discussion here along with outlining end game games that I have seen.
Progression: This is the core of RPG in MMORPG. When you break down most MMORPGS progression is the origin of gameplay. What is strange is you eventually become as strong as possible, get your BIS and you are done with progression. This end is the origin of ‘end game’ and at the same time can be seen as the death of the MMO, but that is for another topic. Progression can be the majority of the game, a game like OSRS is almost wholly based on progression where skilling up and maxing out characters supplies motivation for the economy and other aspects of the game.
Raiding: I personally love raiding, having been raiding the highest content over the last few years in either ffxiv, WoW, or both at the same time. Raiding had its origin in progression, the hardest bosses dropped the powerful loot. But it was eventually refined out of what it was in EQ, vanilla WoW, and FFXI, to the more modern mechanic and rotation intensive game that is played in WoW, FFXIV and other MMOS as the pinnacle end game activity. I am very satisfied with this game and if MMORPGS never evolved beyond it I could be pretty happy with WoW and FFXIV.
The economic game: Economy is more of a result from trying to create a fantasy world. But it can be embraced in games like EvE or Albion making it’s functionality a core aspect of the gameplay. Or it can be struggled against like in BDO’s managed economy or completely abandoned in diablo 3. It almost seems like game developers would rather skip the economy just so they don’t need to deal with RMT. I personally don’t care about economic gameplay, it was always a means to an end for me in Albion online. In FFXIV I just need enough money to get my raid set on day one. I see the economy as a broken down system held together by ducktape and a panicking dev in most MMOs. Most games should put it in a dumpster like in diablo 3 or chain it up like BDO, embracing it is good too like in POE or Albion but you need to do so from the outset of the game.
PvP: Shit there are so many different types.
Open world PvP and RvWvF(pick a fkn name ffs): I love this content, I started MMOs with DAOC and this was the big draw. It’s strange because a lot of games have messed this up or just put it to the sidelines like GW2. I still remember just wanting a open world PvP end game in Warhammer, to then get upset and eventually quit the game from having to do raids to get the easier to obtain high tier gear to PvP in. Eventually Games like GW2 and ESO came out, they have a strong showing for open world gameplay and endgame around it. But I think what they built lacked the organic world feeling that makes open world great. I don’t want to narrow the category to just faction games because half the draw are experiences that people easily gain on PvP servers in WoW. Even zerg fights over world quest areas can happen there, it’s just not the end game. Pushing aside the economy, games like EvE or Albion are based almost entirely on open world PvP from simple 1v1s to massive zerg fights over important territory. Even though I love raiding, if every MMO end game was just open world PvP I could die happy.
Arena PvP: I personally don’t have much of a draw to this type of game in an MMO. I see how it can be enjoyable though and has made itself an alternate endgame in WoW or GW2. Arena PvP is showing mastery of the game, who has the best gear and can play their character the best. It comes right off of progression, how do you show to the world what your progress has given you. I think unsurprisingly because of this most korean style games offer an arena alongside p2w to really push your accomplishments forward /s. I think MMOs need an arena even though it may not be the primary goal of the game, and more importantly they need matchmaking and an elo system so that people can enjoy it. I question if it can really be the pinnacle of gameplay in an MMO, last january Albion stripped it’s 5v5 as the primary tool for territory control away in favor of zerg battles, and nothing short of WoW has a motivating end game arena scene. Ultimately stripping the MMO from arena and making a stand alone arena fighting game only really loses the progression angle of gear, so I don’t think this is a strong end game or just game in general for MMOs.
Social/creativity: I can’t ignore that there are successful games like Second Life or in game mechanics like housing in FFXIV. I personally don’t connect with much of this aspect of MMORPGs. But it’s there and there are significant amounts of people that enjoy building their houses, just chatting with others and enjoying the atmosphere. I don’t really think this is a good direction for a game, but I’m someone who doesn't really see a point in a guild that isn’t raiding in WoW or not dreaming of capturing territory in Albion online.
So what does MMORPG think about what our fantasy worlds evolved into to keep us paying, I mean playing? Or at least share some awesome experiences.
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2020.07.07 15:32 Dashclash BFN has gotten to a point of unplayability

I just took a month break from Bfn and oh god what is this i'll just list all the problems:
And the list goes on so what are your thougts about bfn.
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2020.06.25 20:19 Levilixis 25/M/PC EST looking for friends

Hey guys, after some drama and conflicts of interests my old friend group was entirely decimated and a new one I met here lasted all of one week before disappearing
I'm looking to make lasting friendships and meet people who will message me without me having to message first every time etc.
I generally only play single player games and only solo multiplayer games. I have a preference for older games and am not interested in most modern AAA games (EA and Activision/Blizzard in particular) but I am going to try my hands at guild wars 1 if anyone is interested in taking that journey with me. I used to play GW2 but took a hiatus due to burnout and work taking over my life. I play destiny 2 but only soloable content or the odd matchmaking for pvp/gambit
Outside of gaming, I am a 3D printing hobbyist (which my job sometimes has me 3D printing a part or tool for a project in which case I cannot game that night) an electronics engineer, a welder and fabricator and a FPV drone racing enthusiast. I am potentially interested in playing D&D, I've read a lot of the 5e books, but have no play experience so I will need to learn how to actually participate. I also collect board games and enjoy manga/anime but I prefer dubs so sub people can rag on me if you wish.
If anyone is interested feel free to hit me up. I am down to talk with anyone but I really don't want to have to carry every conversation
Thanks for reading
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2020.04.16 11:29 Urgash54 Looking for MMO that probably does not exists.

As an avid mmo player, I feel like I have played every major mmo, but still haven't found THE mmo for me (actually I did find it but it's now dead, thanks capcom).
I am looking for something quite specific, and I expect there is not one game that satisfy my conditions.
Combat : The game needs to have action combat, like Tera, or Vindictus. No tab targeting.
Leveling : The leveling needs to be enjoyable/interesting, not just a race for max level and end game.
Gear : While I'm okay with grinding, the game should allow players to advance their gear even if they're unlucky, either via crafting or other accessible means.
Crafting : The game needs to have (usefull) crafting. And preferably a crafting system that's interesting (like ff14 where you use abilities and skills to craft/gather, and you're not just looking at a progress bar) or non intrusive (like grand fantasia or dragon's 's dogma online, where you send your slaves to craft for you, and you can do something else in the meantime).
PvE : Preferably the game needs to have decent PvE content throughout (both during leveling, and endgame).
PvP : I don't have much preference in PvP as long as the game can be played without getting killed every 20 seconds is by other players.
Content limitation : The game should not limit your access to PvE content, unless you use matchmaking. That means that if your group wants to try the latest Endgame PvE boss, with a party filled with lvl 1, you should be able to do so (and get your ass kicked, of course).
In a honesty, I know it's pretty far-fetched to think that an mmo that fit all those criteria exists nowadays (it used to exist, until capcom killed dragon's dogma online), but hey, ya never know.
EDIT : I should have mentioned that I have ready played all of the "big" MMOs and many others. And they did not do it for me. The list includes (but not limited to, since I can't remember all of them) : -WoW
-Star wars the old republic
-Dungeon and dragon's online
-Grand Fantasia
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2020.04.08 16:02 ohshrimp What's with PC/EU population?

It seemed to be doing fine for a while, but now it seems to be dying again... Can't find full match of team vanquish sometimes... Or maybe matchmaking is fucked?
It's kinda sad, mixed mode seems also dead, which is what I usually play in GW2. I don't get how GW2 has mixed mode active, but in BFN it's seems completely dead.
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2020.04.08 09:33 Lyho8 Beginning in PvP : a painful experience

So following my previous thread asking for help regarding Transcendence I started slowly working my way towards rank 20 and I'll be honest : so far this has been the worst experience I ever had in GW2 by a significant margin.
So I'm here to try and understand if I'm missing some pieces of the puzzle but my impression is that unranked is just the worst possible way to start PvP which is just perfect since it's your only option until you reached that 20th rank.
My understanding is that unranked has no matchmaking and allows full pre-made team. If that is indeed the case I think the rank requirement for playing ranked is actively working against players wanting to discover PvP.
Don't get me wrong : I'm not here to complain because I get stomped over and over again. I'll bite the bullet and try to learn what I can while I get ass-kicked towards rank 20. I just feel like something is really off and would like to know if I'm crazy feeling that way or not.
I read several time that the PvP community is relatively small and maybe the new player experience could be a big factor. I tried to read as many guides as I could and playing unranked has only felt like a giant mess so far so I can only imagine how it can feel without guides !
I know I'm bad at PvP but am I crazy willing a matchmaking to offer me the opportunity to learn with players of my level ? :/
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2020.03.31 22:07 NatureGuy45 Why can't we farm rainbow stars?

A simple question. In GW2 we could farm coins (which were used to buy from Rux) and also we could get daily stars and exchange them for rainbow stars (although they had another use and the price seems unfair). Now we also have them as a reward in the ranked arena (a mode that really sucks in my opinion considering the fact that only combat and survival skills matter, there are drawbacks of both winning and losing, matchmaking is hard to balance because the teams are small and no respawns untill the round is over make it very unforgiving for bad players*) and it can give you rainbow stars in the end of a season but this is not efficient, a bad mode choice (because see above) and you don't have a way to get the rainbow stars you could get from it in case you did not manage to get the max amount (which is already too low). I also want to point out that some ppl already said that PopCap should make rainbow stars avaliable in the reward-o-tron after a player buys everything in it. I agree because if the prices will be right a player who really works hard will be able to get enough stars to buy things from Rux fast enough to get mew stuff when it's added before more stuff comes. I think this would be a good idea and basically that's what I wanted to say in this post: I hate the ranked arena and stars should be able to be parchased with coins. That's it, thanks for reading to this point and please feel free to say whatever you think in the comments.
I must admit: I'm bad at the arena and can't win games, but think about it: if I am the only bad player in all my games it's both unfair and somewhat strange that this is the matchmaking.
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2020.02.04 22:02 Neat_Onion Can't Connect to EA Online Multiplayer PS4

Anyone else having issues? When I get to the matchmaking screen, it says "Failed to connect to a game session, please try again." Having issues with GW2 and BFN...
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2020.02.02 02:54 -Tatsu- Let's talk PvP

This thread is intended to be an open discussion for PvP. The objective is for the player base to vocalize their thoughts and concerns to help improve PvP. As the discussion progresses, some ideas, thoughts, or suggestions may be added to the OP in an attempt to consolidate information for the Devs. Ideally this thread will provoke an open line of communication between the PvP community and the Devs.
Disclaimer; if you are a PvE'r, please refrain from posting useless variations of how we should be ignored as we are paying subscribers too, we deserve the same love/attention as you, and that type of rhetoric isn't conducive to growing a healthy community as a whole.
Unranked PvP Q’s are popping all-day-long, clearly there is a strong PvP community, with the following suggestions we could improve Q times even more! (Cross-server Q’s would help DRASTICALLY, WoW, Gw2, and FFXIV have implemented this system, its time to catch up!!)
PvP should be just as viable for gearing as PvE. It seems to me that PvP matches last about as long as a MM-Hammer Station speed run. With that in mind, every PvP match should provide ALL participants the equivalent amount of gealoot as a standard MM-Hammer Station run(typically you get 2-3 rows of gearewards whereas a WZ crate currently gives you ONE gear piece..). Currently, only HALF the participating players in a PvP match get gealoot. WHY?!?! Why am I being punished for playing PvP? Imagine changing PvE so that at the end of a Flashpoint or Operation, SURPRISE only HALF the participating players get rewards...Players would be furious. Sure, give the winning team something a little extra but ALL participants should get rewards just like ALL participating players do in ALL other in-game content. This is simply a game-balance issue.
Ranked PvP;
This is the most toxic community of any PvP game I've ever played. In an attempt to change this, here are my suggestions for minimum requirements before being aloud to Q for ranked PvP;
  1. Geastat restriction for example; must have iLvl 306, a Tactical, "x" amount of Set bonus gear pieces, all datacrons, "x" amount of augments, and "x" amount of rolled amplifiers, etc. The objective here is to ensure the player has high enough stats to even be competitive in Ranked; HP, DMG bonuses, and DMG mitigation is overwhelmingly higher in Ranked for new players. Getting killed simply because of geastats can be mitigated in this manner.
  2. Must accumulate "x" amount of wins in 4v4 exhibition matches(I see 4v4 rotating in unranked WZ's so considering this is already in-game, implementation shouldn't be to difficult). This will help the learning curve of new players prior to throwing them into ranked. Lets face it, 8v8 WZ's, with huge maps, and heal/DMG buffs available doesn't prepare you for the small map 4v4 combat of ranked where you can't run and hide or grab a heal/DMG buff. You MUST be self sufficient with your own class/DcD's and the only way to develop this competency is to play 4v4 not 8v8.
  3. All 4v4 ranked matches are now restricted by class(this would be much easier to accomplish with Cross-Server-matchmaking for ranked). Each team will have 1 Heal, 1 Tank, and 2 DPS (if not enough Tanks/Heals Q'd), the Algorithm will evaluate the DPS's Q'd based on Ranged/Melee, Cloaking/Non-cloaking, Ability to heal other players or not, etc. The objective of the Algorithm at this point is to continue to seek TEAM-Balance by spreading the DPS class types evenly between both teams to avoid a single team getting stacked in a way that destroys the other i.e. one team has off-heals the other doesn't or one team has all Operatives/Assassins the other team has no stealth's, etc....I believe balancing the teams in this way will reduce the toxicity. I understand the first thought is that it will delay Q times, but my counter argument is that if these changes are implemented, the toxicity of the current ranked community will be reduced resulting in a higher number of players Q'ing for ranked matches.
  4. (optional) If we see an adequate rise in the quantity of players Q'ing for ranked, an additional layer of filtering could be beneficial in the form of Solo Q's vs Group Q's (or maybe this is a higher priority? Things to consider). We would tweak the algorithm to group Solo's with Solo's and Groups with Groups. There is a noticeable difference between teams that are grouped/using Voice communications vs Teams that are not. This change could enhance the user experience resulting in higher amounts of players Q'ing for matches vs Rage quitting/not Q'ing.
  5. (potentially) If we have the ability to make ALL Q's cross-server, I would love to see Filtering added to PvP Qing options i.e. just like you can filter the list of options for FP's and Ops, we should be able to filter Ranked, Unranked, 4v4, 8v8, objective, arena, huttball. Maybe add a feature that would indicate how active that current Q is with the currently average Q time listed.
NOTE: The "Vote-Kick" system needs to be changed. I see where the utility in being able to vote-kick an afk player, which is good, however, currently it is NOT being used in this capacity. Vote-kick is being used to grief new players to ranked which is ultimately hurting the PvP community. As they are kicked from the match and then penalized further with a Q time restriction and there is no way to contest this mechanic.
  1. Rework the mechanic to allow players to initiate a vote kick for AFK players, however, if the player is able to respond, "are you afk click yes/no" then they can't be kicked(as sometimes they will do this while the player is dead and cannot move).
  2. Rework the mechanic to where, after "x" amount of player reports, the reported player is banned from Q'n ranked for "x" amount of time. This would adjust the metric in a way that would make it obvious if the player is getting reported by multiple players in multiple matches vs getting griefed in a single match by one set of teammates resulting in you inability to reQ. Adversely, restrict players ability to report other players or a punishment for to many reports to help diminish griefing of new players.
Currently, certain classes have an unfair advantage to utilize multiple tacticals via their ability to exit combat, while all other classes are restricted to only being able to use ONE. We have two options here;
  1. Gear is locked upon entering WZ. Maybe have a confirmation box pop-up, "Are you sure you are ready to enter the WZ with currently equipped gear?"
  2. Allow all classes to swap tacticals whenever they want i.e. remove restriction to swap tacticals during combat so that ALL classes can swap Tac's whenever they please.
I F'n love huttball. I wish there was a tutorial for beginners to understand the mechanics because this game mode is hella fun when everyone knows what to do. The tutorial should include; How to position for passing, how to pass, how to position/deal with traps offensively and defensively, basic positioning strategies based on team composition, and an explanation of the resolve system; how to use it to your advantage as a ball carrier and how to be cautious of it when trying to prevent a ball carrier from advancing. The main issue with huttball ATM is the new abilities. The easiest fix would be the following; ANY movement ability that cannot be interrupted, slowed, rooted, mezz'd, or stunned should automatically drop the ball upon activation. This would resolve a lot of the current huttball issues with certain classes being able to grab the ball from center and run to the end zone repeatedly without the ability to stop them.
Class balance;
Based on what I've seen in discussion, changes here should be separate from PvE if possible. This is a tough one, I don't claim to know every classes new abilities(with your help we can add them to the list of things that need balance and how to balance them) and with the changes to tactical swapping I think some other classes will balance out a little more than they currently are but there are some that are glaringly out of balance.
For example, the Operatives roll. The Operative roll breaks ALL CC's currently in the game, it is un-stunable/un-interuptable/un-slowable/un-rootable/un-mezzable AND grants invincibility during the roll(allowing them to roll through traps in huttball for example) and grants 2s of invincibility after the roll allowing them to cast uninterrupted heals. Furthermore, I've seen them use it to glitch across gaps that only warrior leaps should be able to cross...The kicker, it can be spammed twice AND its on an 8s other class in the game has this much utility revolving around ONE ability let alone on a such a short CD. For comparison, the warriors ability to dash covers roughly the same distance at roughly the same speed as the roll, THE END. Literally this is where the comparison ends. The dash is on a 45s CD and does NOT grant any of the other benefits that the roll does.
Personally I prefer underperforming classes get buffed rather than hitting OP classes with the nerf bat. For example, buff the warrior dash ability to be in line with the roll; same CD, same immunities, same CC breaking function, etc.(this is an example of buffing vs nerfing) If instead we are thinking nerf at the very least, the roll should be on a 45s CD per roll(or allow it to be spammed twice as it is now but implement the increased CD 45s-1m). This would begin to bring it in-line with other abilities in the game, it would still be superior in all the ways stated above but reducing the ability to spam it would help a great deal.
With the communities help/experience we can expand this section and hopefully establish contact with the Devs responsible for PvP so that we can see the PvP community in SWTOR continue to grow and thrive. I would love to see Ranked PvP expand to 8v8 and huttball!! Imagine competitive EA PvP matches of 4v4, 8v8, and huttball. It would be a blast. Imagine a weekly Dev stream with live Q&A, talking about upcoming changes or changes being considered. Imagine the Devs bringing some of the top PvP players to the studio to help them make changes to PvP that wouldn't effectively break the system but enhance it.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to help the OP grow. =)
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2019.11.24 01:38 GuScatmanGu My suggestions to solve PvZ: Battle for Neighborville

My suggestions to solve PvZ: Battle for Neighborville
Hello guys, its me (ScatmanGu) again. After so much time of research and work done in this game, i finally came up with the all this information you will see in this post, all of it was gathered by me and my cousin (ShadowTur) in more than 2 months of testing and playing.
I want you guys to remember that i don´t have any in game data because i don´t know how to search this type of material, so i used this for any kind of machine gun damage: 5.? or 3.?. I know the damage of this type of character in this game have broken numbers, but i can´t use the actual damage because i don´t have every character's real damage imput.
Im doing this because i love this game, and i want to give the developers all the information ive gathered to save this game's current condition, wich is really bad. Im putting all my hope in the devs to see this massive post and at least, AT LEAST, discuss it, this game is really important to me, my cousin and my friends, we just want the best of it.
Ok, so lets begin:
--Overall Bugs/Glitchs--

.Fix Hit Detection for Super Brainz and Chomper, it still effects their gameplay in a really bad way, making their secondary weapons better than the Primary ones. This deserves an review for all the characters in the game too.
.Fix the "taking damage after ejecting from Oak, Z-Mech and Space Station" glitch, this makes ejecting when low life unviable and makes instakill abilities really strong against them.
.Fix the Lag/FPS problems in PS4. Large areas along with/or large quantity of players makes the game less fun and makes Turf unplayable.
.Fix laggy abilities, this screw up the gameplay of certain characters since GW2, some of this abilities are: Hyper Jump Thump, Husk Hop, Bionic Bash, Petal Propeller, Anchor's Away, Sap Trap, Super Sap Trap etc.
.Fix the actual matchmaking.

--Overall Gameplay--

.Make character's respective primary weapon damage consistent, not with broken numbers (like 3.83 or 4.42) but with full numbers (like 4.0 or 5.0). this allows players to calculate their damage better, creating a better competitive scenario.
.The more you are vanquished consecutively, your time to press the revive button gets longer, this would make spaming unviable and encourages players to think to make an action.
.Limit character pick, this would make online matches more fun and less "Meta" based, along with more more varied teams.
-In all modes, Acorn and Space Cadets are limited in 4 characters per team
- 4v4: 1 character per character class
- 8v8: 2 characters per character class
- 12v12: 3 characters per character class
.Disable "Switch Team" after 35 seconds of the match, this would stop players to switch to the winning team, or abuse this mechanic for any kind of individual desire.
.Make a Ranked Mode -> doesn´t have Team Switching, matchmaking finds players with similar winrate and rank. (the structure should be very similar to Overwatch's ranked mode)

--Overall features--

.Add a better menu screen and a music for the character select screen.
.Add Night Time version for some of the maps in the game (like in GW1 and GW2), they have 50% of chance to appear day or night time. Some maps that this would be cool: Pressure Pier, Peachy District and Turning Point.
.Add Corn, Imp, All-Star and Super Brainz's voice lines when using their primary weapons, this was awesome in GW2, its a shame it isn't in this game.
.Add characters' classic gestures (like Corn's Salute and Super Brainz's Hero Hour), they were so cool and marked those characters.
.Add old character variants as skins, the legendary character variant skins (like Toxic Brainz or Computer Scientist) should have a effect for every time you get a vanquish of their Legendary Modes.
.Add Mech Taunts (Oak, Z-Mech and Space Station).

--Overall Character Balance--

-Replace "Homing Peas" upgrade for another upgrade.
-Pea Gatling: decrease normal damage: 10 > 8 / decrease critical damage: 12 > 10

.Foot Soldier:
-Primary Weapon: increase normal damage: 4.4 > 5.0 / increase critical damage: 5.? > 6.0
-Rocket Jump: now have 2 charges.
-"Liftoff" upgrade: decrease damage: 40 > 20 per Jump

-Primary Weapon: increase damage: 29 > 35
-Secondary Weapon: increase damage: 23 > 25
-Burrow: decrease time to swallow
-"Mastication" upgrade: decrease the effect of the upgrade 3 instead of 4 points to equip the upgrade
-Spikeweed: increase trap's Hitbox
increase Spikeweed's HP
if the Spikeweed projectile hits a zombie directly, the effect of the spikeweed is applied (75 damage + stun)
Spikeweed's current Hitbox:

Spikeweed's new Hitbox:

-Primary Weapon: increase normal damage: 3.? > 5.0 / increase critical damage: 4.? > 6.0
-Gravity Grenade: increase projectile speed (to match Foot Soldier's Stink Cloud)
decrease the grenade's Arch (to match Foot Soldier's Stink Cloud)
"Escape" abilities can no longer be used inside the grenade
Centrilize players' locations inside the grenade
-Impkata: no longer have effect on any enemy's sprinting or jumping
increase Imp's speed during Impkata (ONLY if the previous change is applied)
-"Mech Hunter" upgrade: decrease the cooldown reduction: 8 sec. > 4 sec.

-Primary Weapon: increase normal damage: 5.? > 7.0 / increase critical damage: 7.? > 8.0
-Explosive Escape: decrease explosion radius
-Bionic Bash: increase damage: 75 > 100
increase radius
Explosive Escape's current radius:

Explosive Escape's new radius:

Bionic Bash's current radius:

Bionic Bash's new radius:

.Kernel Corn:
-Increase HP: 125 > 150
-Primary Weapon: increase normal damage: 3.83 > 4.0 / increase critical damage: 4.? > 5.0
increase the ROF drastically (almost the same of Hockey Star's ROF in GW2)
increase ammo: 46 > 50
-Butter Beacon: Fix "Re-Corn-Naissance" upgrade
increase beacon's duration
-Husk Hop: increase the Leap speed
increase kernel projectiles' speed when falling
-Shuck Shot: now have 2 charges
each Cob have 12 sec. cooldown
hold the ability button: fires two cobs together (like in GW2). When launched together, you have to wait a 24 sec. cooldown to use both options
press the ability buttom: fires one cob.
2 charges for Shuck Shot:

.Super Brainz:
-Secondary Weapon: decrease damage: 70 to 50
-Increase Alpha Better Shield HP: 100 > 250
-Turbo Twister: increase ability duration
-Hyper Jump Thump: decrease "suck" windbox
-Super Ultra Ball: decrease direct hit damage: 150 > 130 / decrease main splash damage: 75 > 50
decrease direct hit hitbox
decrease main splash damage radius
Super Ultra Ball's current main splash radius:

Super Ultra Ball's new main splash radius:

Super Ultra Ball's current direct hit hitbox:

Super Ultra Ball's new direct hit hitbox:

Hyper Jump Thump's current "suck" windbox:

Hyper Jump Thump's new "suck" windbox:

-Casting Shadows: decrease ability effect on zombies
-Fung Fu: when "Fleet Footed" is applied, the ability no longer have a effect on any enemy's sprinting or jumping

.80s Action Hero:
-Primary Weapon: remove slowness when charging (to match Super Brainz's Ultra Flying Fists)
1st charge: increase normal damage: 2,2,7,2,2 > 3,3,8,3,3 / increase critical damage: 4,4,9,4,4 > 4,4,10,4,4
2nd charge: increase normal damage: 2,23,2 > 4,25,4 / increase critical damage: 4,28,4 > 5,30,5
3rd charde : increase normal direct hit damage: 45 > 50 / increase critical direct hit damage: 54 > 60
80s Action Hero's new 1st charge:

80s Action Hero's new 2nd charge:

80s Action Hero's new 3rd charge:

-Limit the quantity of players that can me tagged by 80's Bow: 3 players max
-Dynamite Dodge: increase explosion radius
Dynamite Dodge's current explosion radius:

Dynamite Dodge's new explosion radius:

-Rocket Ride: increase (a little) ROF
-Can´t-Miss-Ile: fix animation and "overheating" bug

.Snap Dragon:
-Swoop Slam: increase max. height in the begining of the ability.
-Blue Blazes: decrease damage: 125 > 75
decrease projectile Hitbox
decrease ability cooldown: 10 > 8
-Flame Wall: increase ability duration

.Electric Slide:
-Primary Weapon: is now automatic (hold trigger)
-Outta Fight!: increase ability duration
increase speed during the ability

-Secondary Weapon: decrease Max. Charge critical damage: 98 > 90
-Petal Propeller: increase ability duration
increase speed during the ability
increase max. height
make the ability cancelable

.Captain Deadbeard:
-Secondary Weapon: decrease Max. Charge critical damage: 98 > 90
-Increase shared ammo for Primary and Secondary weapons: 12 > 24
-Barrel Blast: decrease barrel HP: 150 > 100
decrease speed when explosion is activated
-Parrot Pal: increase primary weapon damage in long range: 7 > 8 normal / 9 > 10 critical
increase primary weapon damage in close range: 8 > 10 / 10 > 12
-Eggsplosion: decrease direct hit damage: 75 > 50
decrease main splash damage: 15 > 10
-Anchor's Away: increase jump height drastically
decrease ability cooldown: 10 > 8

-Primary Weapon: remove close range damage
increase weapon recoil
-Peel Shield: decrease shield HP: 600 > 450
-E.M.Peach: Increase ability Arch (to be more unviable in long range)
increase ability cooldown: 20 sec. > 25 sec.
-Spin Dash: decrease ability damage: 75 > 50
-"Juiced" upgrade: decrease Max. damage: 25 > 20
-"Pulp Powered" upgrade: decrease upgrade effect after earning a vanquish.

-Primary Weapon: decrease normal damage: 6.? > 6.0 / decrease critical damage: 7.? > 7.0
increase weapon recoil
-Dummy Shield: increase shield HP: 300 > 350

-Primary Weapon: increase normal damage: 4.? > 5.0 / increase critical damage: 5.? > 6.0
-Add double jump
-Sap Trap: increase max height sap trap sends Acorn
-Invoke Oak: add cooldown even after spawning/respawning
increase cooldown: 20 > 30

-Primary Weapon: increase direct hit damage: 28 > 30 / increase splash damage: 12 > 15
-Super Sap Trap: decrease close splash damage: 125 > 100 / increase far splash damage: 15 > 35

.Space Cadet:
-Primary Weapon: removed hoaming
new aim type: decreased spread of bullets and weapon recoil
increase bullet speed
-Big Bang Beam: decrease damage: 100 > 75
-Station Inflation: add 30 sec. cooldown
cooldown stays after spawning/respawning

.Space Station:
-Crater Maker: Add biggelouder SFX for plants to know when its active
no longer have effect on any enemy's sprinting or jumping

.Space Station Passengers:
-Primary Weapon: removed hoaming
new aim type: decreased spread of bullets and weapon recoil
increase bullet speed
-Hands-On-Torpedo: decrease direct hit damage: 140 > 100 / decrease splash damage: 90 > 50
-Asteroid Shield: decrease shield HP: 400 > 200

-Primary Weapon: increase ROF
-Solar Beam: decrease normal damage: 9 > 8 / decrease critical damage: 11 > 10
-Heal Beam: decrease healing

-Primary Weapon: decrease ammo: 10 > 7
decrease total critical damage: 50 > 40
-Warp: Add animation in the beginning of the ability (like GW2)
increase ability cooldown: 9 > 12

-"Time Snare" upgrade: decrease stun duration
-Arcane Enigma: increase ability cooldown: 20 > 30

-Primary Weapon: increase direct hit damage: 27 > 30 / decrease splash damage: 22 > 12
-Heavy Helper: Buff: remove ROF increase
increase bullet gain

Remembering guys and devs: this is mine, my cousin and my friends' solution to make this game better, if you disagree with anything here is completely fine and i recomend for you to share your opinion in the coments! This took a really big time to think and write, so i hope you guys like it.

I posted this same thing in the official forum for the devs to see it, go give it a support!
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2019.10.30 07:25 Rakoz Size of PC community BfN

Any numbers on how many people are playing BfN on PC? I bought the game two days ago and have put in 14 hours so far which I mention because in that time I've noticed the same players in my matches. Like I'll play in a lobby for an hour or two, take a break, and when I come back I'll be in a match with some of the same players (which would be unlikely if there were 10s of thousands of players online.
My first night playing I found myself in a game with Zackscottgames, which I was excited about because I've been a fan of his channel for 2 years. But again this "unlikeliness" gave me the feeling that there's only like 100 people on the NA server. If the game was healthily populated the odds of me being put in a game with a YouTuber I recognize would be sooo low. It's never happened to me on Overwatch, Smite, or Paladins. Are players connected to NA EAST and WEST servers separate from each other or does the game use the same tech World of Warcraft does to combine the player base?
Now the main reason I made this thread was to ask if I chose the wrong server or something isn't set correctly because in Turf Takeover I constantly find myself in games with 2-4 people. When I first load the game and connect to a home base lobby sometimes there's 10 people in there doing their thing, but often enough it puts me in a lobby by myself until I refresh it a few times. Either there's not many people playing, something is wrong with matchmaking, or I'm doing something wrong - It's worrisome seeing the same player names constantly and joining a Turf game without full teams. I paid $40 after missing out on the founders deal but I justified it thinking there'd be a tooon more people playing this over GW2. I don't regret buying the game yet, I'm feeling addicted already, but I really hope I didn't buy into a game that died 2 weeks post launch.
I guess I was just expecting constant full lobbies like in a newly launched CoD game.
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2019.10.30 02:41 Valerian_A How is this game for story-focused casual player?

I used to be a hardcore raider in WoW and other MMOS, but these days I am mostly a story-focused casual. I want to be able to explore the content and finish the story without having to become dedicated raider.
I am not necessarily a solo player, I enjoy running dungeons, but ONLY via some sort of LFD system with queue.
I absolutely refuse to go back to the days of oldschool WoW, standing for hours in capital city, desperately trying to find group.

My main focus is story completion, without having to be a dedicated raider. Again, don't want to go back to pre-LFR WoW, where the game always stopped the main story at the gates to some raid. If you weren't raider, you never stopped the Burning legion, never defeated Lich king, never uncovered secrets of Ulduar etc.

I like how it works in FFXIV, that game does constantly send you into dungeons/trials/raids during the main story, but you can queue for each of them, and thanks to smart matchmaking and level scaling, the queues are fast even for dps classes.
I also quite like how story is handled in GW2 and SWTOR, where the "main villains" in each expansion are defeated in story mode solo-player instances. And raids have their own self contained side stories, so raiding will expand your lore, but it won't roadblock you during the main story.

To avoid misunderstading - I am not asking/demanding that the whole game be full casual mode, I understand that MMOS need to have challenging content for premade groups, to keep the hardcore players busy, but I don't like if essential parts of the story are locked inside such inaccesible content.

With that said, would NWN be a good match for my playstyle or should I rather avoid it? I know that its F2P, but time is not free lol, and I wouldn't want to spend 50 or something hours leveling and questing, only to find that the final boss is locked in some inaccessible dungeon that is abandoned by most players and cannot be soloed or queued for.¨
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2019.09.18 04:03 rdhight It would really improve our experience if I could keep my team together.

I play with my little nieces and nephew sometimes. They have limited time to play, and the plants appeal to them much more than the zombies. They don't know a lot about the zombie characters because they spend almost all their singleplayer time as plants.
When I team up with them and we try to go online, your wonderful matchmaking almost always:
  1. Assigns us to plants or zombies randomly,
  2. also splits up our team,
  3. won't let us switch to plants,
  4. and won't even let us exit back to Giddy Park to try again without closing and reopening the game.
Now I understand for the greater competitive picture of the game, it is better if players learn both sides and take what they're given. I have no problem with that for myself. But it's frustrating to try to play with the kids because almost every game we have the panic panic panic of "Oh no I'm a zombie, switch switch switch, oh no it won't let me switch, nooooo! Why can't I be on your team!" and it's a fun-killer for them. I remember hearing plenty of other little kids saying the game things on game chat in GW2.
What I would like is a check box for "Queue us on the same team or don't queue us at all" and another one for "Queue us as our current side or don't queue us at all." And if we have to wait longer for a match, that's fair.
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2019.08.24 14:09 lyrillvempos twit longer message link for sheena

i was the few that bothered to dig deep into the lore of rwby such as you/monty's edits on wikia etc. You can see rwbyjapan follows me. df, it's og, ghetto, wildly creative and imaginative, we've accepted as fans that it did not need to be finished for all this years, but rwby not so much and that's acknowledging that they cast you out after monty died and went their own direction without him or people who knew where he was going with. that they disrespected monty no matter what they claim because back when monty was still alive he already cancelled the better series, so where do these people find the audacity to continue on his other work when he's not even here anymore? because they don't care about the art. or if they really want to claim they represent rwby, then as i have already done pretty much I don't stand by rwby no more.

as for ow, there are games that are better off with a holy trinity, but eventually no matter what kind of game, a dogmatic method is just bad, cancerous and toxic. gw2 set out to break holy trinity because people acknowledged that it was bad and tired out. just because they failed to deliver something solid, nor anyone else since who else would bother a legitimate attempt after even the great arenanet has failed? doesn't mean it was wrong to have tried in the first place, doesn't mean you can still parade this kind of low effort bullshit in new games pretending it's all ok. it's not.

d3 and poe didn't have much faults in terms of diversity, because they both had way more vs pvp games, but that's a given since they are basically mmorpg lite. but guess what happens whey they bother to push pvp? the same shit will happen. you simply don't get great pvp unless it's a very grounded game with solid serious pve elements( both small parties and 10-40 man raids etc) so people have somewhere they come from, have built friendships and a sense of community, and have some honor and respect when they duke it out in the pvp segments, but devs these days just want to cash in on the esport pvp fad they barely know anything about actual fun, or they just don't want to provide it because the mobile gaming kids don't have that attention span, and to make it on the fidelity of star citizen or the average triple a console games is even less worth it.
ow has done the right thing of acknowledging that there really are only 3 classes, regardless of their lack of creativity in designing actual new class or not, and yet now they do the very wrong thing to force more people to play the less populated class, I don't even want to dig into their justification, because i know that in some sort of twisted industry hivemind co-competition or some shit dota 2 forced ranked role queue as well, and even more strict in some way because you are randomly assigned a role out of any number of the roles you chose to accept to be randomly assigned for out of the 5, literally position 1 2 3 4 5 from hardest carry to support, and even though it's all really ambiguious anyways because the heroes really don't have much depth nor the gameplay mechanics and therefore they cannot differenciate themselves as much as better designed mmorpg stuff at all.
it's like if you could make it so that people adhere to and excel at the specific roles every time in every game and every fight, then sure, that's good, like in dota 1 (wc3 mod) that's at least acceptable, but people don't do that, because in dota 2 due to valve wanting to beat lol at their own game, it result in a segment of people coming from more casual games like lol, and it's not that lol don't have the carry roles and stuff too, but rather that they don't have depth, and therefore no hierachy of respect, and thus everyone think they can do it all, and nobody has some self respect and humility, and it's all hubris. and of course it's all chaos. and then you wish the game had rather just enforced roles from the start instead of after what, 7 fucking years, then suddenly bam, directly on ranked.
ranked if you choose a hero arbitrarily assigned a class (never before nor people ever considered there ever was a strict barrier to it), they just want it to be all streamlined and stupidly monotone and stale, and because i've been away from dota 2 for 4-5 years since they went ultra greedy banning popular and well received client side cosmetics mods that weren't all pirating official stuff but in fact some of them had way better particles and models than their own stuff or their workshop topdog connected money grabbing artist, i haven't really followed their stuff or the changes but there really isn't much changes except for the copying shit from hots or their own dota 2 imba mod I used to play a bit because they were custom lobbies and you could do whatever you want and it was 10v10 aka a lot more fun and no matchmaking or reporting bullshit and it's relatively smaller circle of just people who are there because the love for actual fun, skills and ults and items had way more mechanics a lot of which were directly ported into the vanilla game but the vanilla game still needs to be esport so they would never do that, they would never make it 10v10 or any other thing too edgy or crazy like that. they can support modding or take shit from mods all day but they won't let their canon game die so eventually they just cuck themselves out of their own refusal to evolve.

ow is of course worse because by way of "promoting diversity" they enforce people to play more things intead of focusing on mastering heroes one by one which is how it was supposed to be like anyone who has ever played an mmo, and go/switch around at their own pace and fully respect each and ever hero/class/role/ whatever and the people who love whichever for their own reasons and master them to their own defining styles, but because the targeted said modern demographic who obviously is supposed to be considered "just don't have the time for dragged out game sessions", devs cannot make things have complexity, even though gamers replay the same 5-30 minute rounds over and over and over anyways as it turned out. since when it had become the norm to appease the people who don't spend as much effort in the game and expect every mechanic to be automatically understood and countered as a new player? what kind of a game is that that pretends it has longevity and intrigue? having someone be very good at a certain hero is no different than having someone be very good at violin, he/she doesn't have to be also "adequately good" at carpenting or cooking or anything else so as not to be considered an over indulgent stuck up fool who needs to be babysitted by other people who are suddenly all sages and knowitall.
as far as trashtalking games goes it's even more pathetic and insincere when you think about these game directors who used to or is still very abrasive with their opinions, even though they also try to be pc and pandering all the time, acting all matured and composed when that's exactly the problem. the double standard bullshit where just because they get the power they can refute anyone else's negativity and shame them all they want even though that already directly go into the negativity feedback loop, while their own negativity can be tolerated because there's nobody to ban them. like jeff kaplan can make an alt and there's nobody to ban him if he goes ultra toxic, he can unban himself any day who would know and who can do anything about it? does it matter why he would do something like this? people don't do things for a reason when they just yolo because they can.

quake c has like half the roster, f honor has a similar count of roster, and r6s double that, and hots and dota and lol obviously the traditional 100ish, it doesn't matter how many or how few, where there's lack of effort put into balancing and creation, there's lack of fun, and more monotone bs, period. the one(last) time i remember i bother posting in rwby reddit I was appreciating oz's call to diversity yet was met with a shower of needless shaming. it just shows just how much people actually don't care about what's outside their own little circle no matter how much they claim they are pc because it's just convenient to be socially friendly. it's sad but true what cercei said about the worst reality of "people" being a bunch of hateful hypocrites.
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2019.08.01 01:51 caysadia A rant on the current state of WvW/PvP from a disgruntled vet.

This is going to be a bit of a rage/rant post, but im sure alot of it are sentiments alot of competitive players share.
We're all aware that after the esports debacle of HoT, arenanet has started to put pvp/wvw on the backburner pretty hard, but as of late it seems we went from little content, to detrimental content instead. Each balance patch released hurts the gamemodes more and more, and population in both modes is bleeding at a significant rate.
PvP PVP is in a poor state right now. Population is so low that ranked matchmaking is an absolute mess, with gold players being placed in plat/legendary games, and the gameplay seems to get worse with each patch. It seems that every patch released a new cancer replaces the old, more potent and funsucking than the one that came before. This cycle we have CI mirage and condi thief, next cycle who knows but it will most likely be something worse if the trend continues. These infrequent balance patches that lightly touch up on a class aremt cutting it for the current state of pvp, waiting 3 momths for the only changes to be slight nerfs to shiro, nerfs to ranger, while leaving holo/mirage relatively untouched and buffing condition thief to an insane degree. Matches simply arent fun to play in their current state, but thats just my opinion. With every month the playerbase shrinks and patches do little to nothing, the closer and closer pvp gets to a full death. As a player one can only estimate where arenanets priorities lie, but GW2 has such a unique and fun combat system that its a huge shame theyre squandering so much potential. They need to do something to breathe life back into the mode, and Im afraid whatever they have cooking in the wings with swiss and 10v10 wont be enough. They need something to drive new players into the mode to stabilize matchmaking, give a reason to get better at the mode, balance based on the actual state of the mode and not numerical data, and have a followup patch after every major release so we dont have to suffer from overpowered/unfun builds for 2 to 3 months.
WvW I cant speak for the EU scene, but in terms of guilds/largescale combat NA wvw is easily the worst its ever been in my opinion. Ever since the release of path of fire the meta has barely changed, and arenanet seems deadset on continuing the FB/Scrg/Scrp trio until the heat death of the universe. It makes one wonder if arenanet plays their own gamemode when you witness some of the changes made patch after patch. An especially egregious one is the removal of scrapper reveal with no practical counterpart put into place, make stealth way too fucking dominate in its current iteration. Tactivators/t1 siege upgrades are still extremely powerful, and make the whole war aspect of wvw moot when you have to spend 5 hours capturing a t3 structure, only for it to become t3 again 4 hours later. Population imbalamce is still a huge problem and I'd be extremely surprised if NA wvw lasts until alliances still far off release. Arenanet has something truly special and unique with WvW, but lately it seems arenanet wants the mode to die with some of the changes they put out. Many mid/high tier guilds/commanders on NA are quitting or slowing down their rate of play, and because of it the entire mode is affected as newbies or pugs have noone to follow or lookup to as a basis of play. Anet needs to have a serious talk with the players on the current state of the meta, take another look at the war aspects of wvw so people have a reason to play the mode instead of a means to an end to obtain fights, a instanced 15v15 gvg arena where players can choose their teams without the fear of trolls or adds would be HUGE to get the hardcore community to play more, and honestly any form of communication with your players would be much appreciated.
TL;DR PvP and WvW have stagnated heavily as modes in the last half year, and arenanet is wasting one of the most fun fluid combat mmos out theres potential. Oh and buff shattered aegis
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2019.05.15 00:43 Winthiefow LONG POST : My complete analysis and suggestions on the game right now (Yes by complete I mean almost every points)

Before we start let me get this straight :

"Uuuuh, you talk like you was a pro at this game, you're a damn casual"
Indeed I am. I have spent 370h on this game, and only 144h are actual PvP time played. I'm far from pro level. But for this analysis and suggestion, it doesn't matter. Because with every patch, For Honor goes more and more down the casual path. Balance isn't good enough to be truly competitive. There is not enough actions taken towards the competitive players scene. I know Ubi said they wanted to improve visibility for Tournaments and all, but overall right now, the game is mostly Casual.
That does not mean I won't suggest thing that would help balance the game, even the most casual game needs balance.

"Some of those suggestions are dumb. All of this is dumb. You're dumb !"
Then I guess that's why I don't work at Ubi. But I think taking a look at the game and making suggestions is always better than ranting like a crybaby.
You can't make a game that please everyone. And even if the game please everyone, you'll always have people who don't like a certain part of that game. Not because you don't like something means it's bad for the game. And it's not because I suggested it that it's good for the game. It's an idea. That's it.

Lastly, I may sound a bit arrogant about how Ubi should redesign their teams, but I have no idea how they interally function, I by no mean want to act as if I knew their job better than them. I simply try to help.


In the current state, For Honor still is one of the few games to deliver medieval combat with such a good gameplay. The Art of Battle system still is unbeaten. And Ubisoft sometimes seems to forget that.
Every issue that plague the indicator or makes the options offered by the system not working, should be top priority issues. That include external guard breaking, disappearing indicator from attacks, i-frames overlapping with deflect frames on side, revenge meters bugs, and off timing on some parry attempt.
The fact that For Honor has a litteral spaguetti code means that if they want to works really on these issues, they need to have a teams of veteran who knows their way around some of the existing code, dedicated to these problems. And they should be patched only when fixed and tested hard to be sure it works fine.

On a other theme, I suggest the healing on execution to be enhanced, so we have less need of an exec data chart. Right now there is three "tier" of execution. Short ones heals you for 20, medium ones for 35, and long ones for 50. Except there can be a huge gap between two long ones for example, which makes some of them "worse". Simply adding more tiers of healing would "balance" all execution accross the board. No need to change the respawn penalty tho, because being stuck in a death animation before the timing start is already a penalty. So +3 sec whatever the length seems fair.

Another think that you should consider, is 450, 550ms moves. 500ms light are reactable, 400ms hardly are. 450ms seems like a good trade I think.

Lastly, I think there should be a smaller gap between bot level 1 and bot level 2. And they should behave more like your humans player, so that people who face them know what to expect in pvp. That means : Bot level 1 are less resistant to light spam. Right now, most of your light chain will be interrupted by a god like block. They'll always eat the first light, and block the second most of the time. BUT, they should be able to parry and dodge telegraphed unblockable. And they should be able to counter-guardbreak some of the neutral ones.

-Dominion : The most popular gamemode, and for good reason. It's easy to learn, but can offer objectives choices to the player, it allow some character to shines on some roles (Kensei and Nobu to clear minions, any character using Conqueror or Clever Tactics will tends to focus more on A and C, etc...). The rare problems of Dominion comes from the maps, and we'll talk about that later.

-Tribute : Sadly I have no suggestion for this mode, but I can clearly see why it fail. It's a gamemode that rewards players running away towards friends. Once you carry an offering, you want to avoid all fights, and it's the opposite of what the game should do. Same goes when you defend your shrines, the death penalty for having captured shrines makes you prefer to leave and gank later, rather than die and watch your mates for 30s.

-Deathmatch - Elimination : This should simply be moved to the Duel and Brawl playlist, and all the "Boost" should be removed (maybe feats too but I don't know, it adds a bit of flavour). Or keep the boosts, but add in the Duel runaway prevention so that people won't runaway to shields/heal.

-Deathmatch - Skirmish : Time to start suggesting big. Skirmish could be a brilliant gamemodes with a little bit of re-using of what you brought with Breach. Firstly, instead of a healing boost, place 2 healing zone from Breach. Will give a new teamwork dimension instead of rushing to heal and screw your mates.
Add minions. I know they already are minions, but like really. Add roaming Pikemen with their Officer. Add archer high grounds. Add more war to the war.
And lastly, add objectives, so that a breaking team can unbreak, and if a team is dominating from the start (bad matchmaking, who knows), they don't spent 10min waiting the opponent to break. I think a good way to do it is to add two Archers capture zones, much like in Breach. Start neutral, capturing one bring in your archer and all, but they can be captured back by the ennemy team too. You gain 200 point for each of the archer zone you own (so max 400), and you gain more point per kill/minion kill for each archer zone you own. (So as long as the ennemy team has less than 1400 points you can un-break).

-Breach : In a really good state, even tho the Commander should be buffed a bit. Allow him to parry and dodge telegraphed attack like Raider zone and Hitokiri 4th feat (not doing it consistently tho, if he's under pressure, he won't parry every Raider zone).
The Offering need a better and clearer warning of when it's available of when it's about to become available.
And the Guardian needs to buff the team map wide, but maybe last less long. Currently being able to solo kill him doesn't mean much, cause you expose yourself to big risks (getting ganked and stolen the kill), for simply getting yourself a good buff.

-Duel Brawl : Nothing to say here, straightforward good modes. Not much to change.

-Story : The glorified tutorial. Serves its purpose, tho someday you should consider updating the moveset of the character so player won't get confused after starting the game and playing a bit of the story. And you should also ADVERTISE THE STORY to the new player, explaining them it's the best place to start and understand the game mechanics. Cause otherwise they'll jump right into pvp, get crushed, and never play again (not all of them, but the best option would still be none of them :p)

-Arcade : A good mode since the last patch, but it needs more. Firstly, rewards from Arcade aren't worth. The XP and Steel gain are ridiculous. I'm kinda fine with the actual effect drop rate, but it could be increased a bit :D
What would really makes Arcade good tho... Is a quest-editor and sharing. I know it can be a lot of work, but if it's correctly set up, people would be able to simply chose a number between 4 and 6, pick maps, opponents, modifier, add some text, and BAM. Player can now create their own Centurion story mode. And share it. INCREDIBILIS right ?

Again sadly I have not much ideas to improve it. But once you do find good ideas, keep in mind the Wu Lin addition might as well get people's interest back.
Whatever you do, the Faction War shouldn't become the "main attraction", cause if its bonuses are too good, people will start changing faction every now and then, and it will become harder to try to balance it, especially when the rant will increase.

Fashion is the second point where For Honor win. We have a lot of customization at our disposal, plus executions of high quality, overall really good emotes, and nicely done effects for those who like.
Plus you keep on adding more of same quality, and you are considering changing those horrible way of handling colour palettes. So that's a good point on your end.
I THINK THO, the problem is (for you at least), that this doesn't bring you consistent money. I may be totally wrong, but I'm pretty sure Season passes and DLC are the main money source. Imo what you should do, is to revamp the shop, and review all those pricing. Cause right now, I hope you do realize charging 20$ for an Anima Outfit for ONE of the 24 (soon 26) character, is largely overpriced. Store needs to have a better organized UI, and have better pricing. And let alone the feats bundle, nobody falls for it.

Another good idea to give a bit more reason to play to the player, is to add Campaign order. Long-ass orders that last 2 weeks (on the same times as the faction war). Rewards a lot of steel, and a lot of XP. Not easy to do one of them, but maybe give us 2 or 3, so that dedicated players really get rewards for playing and sticking with the game throughout the weeks.

I'll start with the Dominion maps, and cut them in half. First of, the GW2-typed maps, where you have a point closer and a point further away. Then the Mirrors maps, where each point if more or less equal distance from both spawn.

-Citadel : It's a good map, that allows nice rotation, there are multiple ways to A and C, ledges aren't too present, even tho some broken barrier pieces should be added on the wooden path towards C.
-Sanctuary Bridge : Extremely equal on every side. I find this really proper on a balance side, but really sad on a design side, and makes it hard sometimes to know where you are. Maybe try to add some identity to each side of the map.
-Forge : Really meh, due the the difficulty to rotate. From A(C), you only have 2 paths to C(A). Either through the forge and going straight into an indoor teamfight, with a lot of wallsplat and friendly fire. Or through B, which takes more times, and doesn't guarantee you won't get atrociously ganked with nowhere to go. Forge should have a new path from A(C) to C(A), or really make the current path larger so teamfights are more pleasant and not just a fuckfest of attacks.
-The Gauntlet : A good map... B is below A and C which makes it important but dangerous, and easy to access from everyside of the map. Even with both bridges locked down, there still are ways to go from A(C) to C(A). There is a ledge on both of these points, maybe the only downside is that you can access B directly from A, so you can boost it until it's time to leave, while you need to activate a bridge thing from C. Maybe remove the bridge trap and simply break a barrier on the side ? Might get unbalanced cause the fall from A is higher than from C, but it feels unbalanced right now too.
-Beachhead : Overall good map with nice rotation path from side points, ladders to go to/from B. Maybe my only complaint is that the pillars in the middle of B makes it annoying to clear, cause it's so large and minions spread around. So maybe make the minion stick more to the center.

Mirros map now, easier to review cause you don't have the problem of "which team has the advantage with their close point" :
-Overwatch : Good design, but the team controlling C can block the access to A too easily. There should be another way to C, maybe with some ladders etc...
-River Fort : I feel like Attackers are always late to the points, but I may need to be tested out.
-The Shard : I'm a bit triggered that this is the only map where the minion point is called C, but whatever. Not being able to go from A to B with a jumping attack is good, keep this ! The main problem on this map is the delay between the intro video, and the camera gets on you, this is precious time where you have to move blindly.
-High Fort : Boi that's a lot of ledge. Maybe a bit too much. But it's the map identity, so I guess it's alright...
-Temple Garden : A feels better since it's rework, maybe make the stone path to C larger, cause the wooden bridge of the attacker is always a safer option...
-Sentinel : Reduce the field of view of the Ballista. They're too much of a threat to any player moving by. Maybe change A so the Ballista is on the point, but there is only one ?
-The Harbor : Lots of ways to rotate, a bridge above B, really, this map is extremely good. Nothing to say about it.

Breach maps now :D Except from PLEASE ADD MORE OF THEM, here my thoughs :
-Hallowed Bastion : First part is ok, but has a few flaws. Healing zone being below, and being right away from the pikemen spawn, it's really advantaging the attackers. As the pikemen on this part have a lot of way to do once the ram is on the door, attackers can hold this zone and safely clear all the ennemy minions without too much trouble. Defenders that would like to contest the zone have a lot of way to do, and won't have a huge payoff. The Ballista, zones, and offerings placements are good tho.
Second part is really good. Being two sided, with heal, ballista and guardian on one side, and zones and offering on the other, the whole of it being crossed by two ropes, it really gives more rotation to the battle, and everyone just run around the ram. The offering is really well place, if the defenders manage to protect their first two zones long enough, it's an easy trip for them back to base, but if the attacker push enough, then they can get it quite easily too, thanks to the rope. The guardian is close enough to the battle, the ballista field of view might be a bit large, but it's a really dangerous position to take cause it's easily accesible. Maybe the heal being so close to the defender spawn is a problem ?
Third part, I feel like this map got a really easy to capture zone 8, you might want to get it a bit closer to the defender. The ballista falls behind the other maps third zone, it's locked past a certain angle, and you have to draw him only towards the attacker for him to be visible.
-Kazan Castle : First part is ugh. Zone 1 is a pain for the defender to reach, there are no ballista at all, offering is really hard to get for the defender cause it's sitting near the attacker spawnpoint. Only the healing zone is extremely well placed. If I can suggest, near the zone 2 there is a huge tower ending with a rope towards zone 3. It's barely used and serves no real purposes. Maybe try to change that tower and add the offering here (not on the rope ground, too easy for the defender, but on the level below, in place of the attack boost. And get the ballista in place of the actual offering.
On the other hand, second part is great, extremely well place offering and healing zone, guardian may be a bit far but it's ok. Again just like Hallowed bastion first part, defender minion and healing zone are a bit too close and it can become easy for attackers to clean them, but it's less likely to happen due to the defender spawn point being so close. I feel the ballista serves no purpose until the ram is at the door, which is kinda sad, but acceptable, it's not ballista simulator after all xD
Last part is good, rope from 8 to heal and ballista, quick access to it from both sides, good angle of the ballista, defender spawn close enough to zone 8 for it to be defendable.
-Walled City : First part, extremely good. Offering is near a secret passage towards zone 3, zone 1 is close enough to both sides, ballista is perfectly placed (a tool for defender at start, which can be used by attackers to protect their ram once they have captured the zones). Again healing zone is near the minions, but they go opposite direction so you still have to chase them down.
Second part is way too good for the attackers. Offering should be on the zone 5, ballista should be a bit closer to the defenders, and the guardian is way too far to provide any kind of interest. He's just lost on another map. Otherwise it's good, the defenders rope is really well placed.
Last part, healing zone should be in front of zone 8, below it. Or in front of the ballista below it (on the ground). Cause right now it's far too easy to capture zone 8, because you are provided with constant healing. On the other hand, the ballista/commander placement is perfect. And the ballista man have some ways to defend itself with the little hole in the wall to jump attack defenders going for him, so good stuff.

To sum up, Walled city got the best first part, Hallowed Bastion and Kazan Castle are kinda even on the second zone, but these are great, and Kazan Castle got the best last part. But Kazan castle first part is the worst of all.

I won't go over Deathmatch, Duel and Brawl maps, cause there isn't really objectives to play, so there isn't much to say, and I won't go over Tribute maps, cause the whole mode isn't working as I said earlier.

I'll go real quick over each hero, I'm a main PK but has played at least one rep with each hero. Overall I think For Honor should dedicate an entire team for balance, and I hope it's not what they've been doing, cause if an entire team can only produce two "medium" (no entirely new moves or complete new gameplay) reworks in 2 months (3 months, but with the time for the update to be validated and all, let's say they work 2 months), I think this team is payed too much. Or else this mean the spaguetti code is so much spaguetti they can't run a lot of test and try to balance in the dark. Which could explain a lot.

-Warden : Need something more than his shoulderbash spam, but I can understand the challenge cause he's the introduction to the game, and MUST be easy to play.
-Conqueror : Is a freakin brick wall but is quite balanced imo. If they want to nerf his defence in someway, I think a good counterpart would be to allow him to flow into charged heavy in the middle of a chain
-Peacekeeper : Need more ways to open up someone. She's labeled "Counter-attacker", yet she only has an unsafe deflect, and a slow dodge attack. A parry punish maybe ? Also, her throw animation is a bit long, really lowering her punish capacity imo
-Lawbringer : His reworks was, despite what's everyone says, good. Remember I say all of this from a casual point of view, where parrying is a common thing to happen, and lawbringer really can punish people and all. He's good.
-Centurion : Feintable zone. I know he needs more may to open opponent too, but I really don't see how to do it, especially considering he can really destroy people once he start the cinematic. He shouldn't be too good outside of his cinematic, or the cinematic would have to be nerfed.
-Gladiator : He needs his reflex guard fixed, and his stamina back. But overall he can still destroy people in a matter of seconds, and be destroyed if he plays bad, so balance imo.
-Black Prior : Needs a bit more way to start an offence, but at the cost of nerfing the light tenebris light spam. Make it cost more stamina. On the other hand, make the heavy feint into bash cost less stamina.
-Raider : Too much buffs. Stunning tap speed buff wasn't necessary, the damage buff wasn't necessary everywhere. But otherwise he may be balanced, maybe get rid of his dodge guardbreak cause it's annoying to deal with.
-Warlord : Should be able to move around in his full block stance, and should have a few ways to softfeint into it. But otherwise he's pretty balanced. (Forward dash heavy into full block would be lit)
-Berserker : Reduce hyper armor, or reduce damage. Forward dash light undodgeable too to catch runners ?
-Valkyrie : Sweep missing shouldn't be as punishable. Any kind of softfeinted shield bash should replace an attack in a chain instead of replace the first one. Full block charge should be softfeintable into something else (an arcing sweeping heavy ?)
-Highlander : Good place imo
-Shaman : The OOS punish is a bit hard for me, considering all the thing she already got, but otherwise pretty balanced.
-Kensei : Extremely well balanced I think, maybe make the first light faster.
-Shugoki : Annoying to fight as an assassin due to aaaaaall the hyper armour, his headbutt doesn't serve a real purpose. But he's good.
-Orochi : Need to be able to softfeint some stuff into kicking and other stuff like that. Maybe a sweeping kick during the side dodge light, and a jumped knee during the forward/back dodge light. The heavy deflect need to change too, it's not really useful. Make it an unblockable zone instead maybe ? A deflect during a gank would really work well
-Nobushi : FASTER LIGHTS. But yeah she's fine otherwise, secret stance is super good.
-Shinobi : He hits too way too hard. Lower his damage but give him a bit more health ?
-Aramusha : Guess he's the next your reworking since it's been asked a lot, so I don't think my suggestions would change much. But he should rely on something else than his deadly feint, zone and blockade. Don't just change values. Give him more options. A kick from neutral ?
-Hitokiri : Good. Haven't seen enough of her, but good mixups and all. Maybe, again, a bit too much hyperarmor ?
-Tiandi : I love to play him, he takes practice and all, but he's great, and feels balanced. BUT FOR GOD SAKE CAN HE STOP SCREAMING ?
-Nuxia : She need to have her counter safer (both parry and deflect). And her zone shouldn't end the chain. It's good that she can flow the chain into zone, but if you don't trap it, you should be able to finish your chain.
-Jiang Jun : Good, a bit too much range maybe, especially on people behind him ? But good.
-Shaolin : He doesn't have much outside of Qi stance, but the Qi stance really offers a lot of option so I guess it's really good. Why does forward dash heavy can flow into Qi stance and not side ? I mean it would be too strong, so it's good, but at the same time it feels... weird xD

Perks first :
Galestorm, Devourer, Endurance, Head Hunter, Bastion, Vengeful Barrier, Last Stand, Bulk Up, Shields Up, Fresh Focus, Remedy, Feline Agility, Rising Dawn, Rapid Refresh and Clever Tactics are, I think, really good, and, except Vengeful Barrier being a bit too strong, they're all balanced.
This leaves Crush Them, Early Reaper, Survival Instinct, Aegis, Radiant Rebound and Supersonic too weak.
Crush Them and Early reaper are just bad design. It should be an attack buff lasting for X attack, but less strong. Not just one attack, that feel un-impactful.
Survival Instinct activate too late to be useful. Under 50% health seems like a better option.
Aegis should have another effect on it's own, cause right now it NEEDS at least Shields up or Vengeful Barrier. Maybe giving you damage reduction while under a shield effect, so it also become useful with Revenge and feats.
Radiant Rebound can be good, but really only matters in Dominion, and maybe in Breach sometimes. Don't have any ideas tho :/
Supersonic do his job, it's a tool that allow you to run away from ganks if you manage to get revenge during it. Sadly when you have choice, would you prefer something that can help you along the game by being more tankier or damageful, or something that allow you to escape under certain condition (cause you not always want to run away from a gank when you pop revenge). But it does his job so I guess it's ok.

On another hand, I think some character should have perks that they currently don't have. The simple fact that Hitokiri, a character based on executing people, doesn't get Head Hunter, really bother me. A lot of character should also have access to some of the Utility perks, like Rapid Refresh and Clever Tactics. Clever Tactics gives your character a more designed role, and Rapid Refresh really helps character with a lot of actives. Have you considered a Rapid Refresh Lawbringer or Highlander ? Also, Remedy and Devourer should be placed depending on the execution probabilty from a character. For example, a PK will usually finish you off with bleed, lights, or zone, rarely a heavy (and most of the time it's a dodge heavy). So Remedy seems better than Devourer. Face to this, Shugoki, who rely a lot of his heavies, should have Devourer not Remedy.

Feats now :
As someone once suggested on this reddit, we should have Ubi redo a lot of the OG feats, to make them more unique. First row of feats should feel unique, even if they can be reused by some other character (Example, Phalanx was Centurion unique feat, even tho it was place in third row. But I mean, even the name, it's definitively a Centurion feat. But Jiang Jun can have it.) Every character should have those unique feats.

That conclude my long ass post, it doesn't really serve any purpose but I felt like I had to say all of this stuff. I like For Honor, graphisms are awesome, Fashion is soooo good, gameplay is unique, but I also feel like the game is so close yet so far of being incredible ><

-Deathmatch Elimination becomes a 4v4 Brawl while Skirmish get more complex and reuse Pikemen, Officer and Archer to bring War in that poor gamemode. Tribute is trash because it encourage running away.
-Arcade needs to have an Quest editor where we can create and share our quest by picking ennemies, maps, modifiers, and add smol text
-They should redo the store and change the steel price, cause no one is buying it I think, it feels like pure robbery. We should have campaign orders (2 weeks) that rewards a lot but are long to do, to gives a plus to the dedicated war veteran
-Forge is terrible because the path between A and C is narrow, and is the only one outside of B. It needs to have a second path, or becomes larger. Harbour is best map.
-For Breach we need more maps, with Walled City first section being the best, Kazan and Hallowed second section being really good, and Kazan final being awesome.
-Kinda balanced for character, Raider got too much buffs, but he could be alrighty with only a few nerfs, mostly the main problem is the hyper armour on a lot of people, the unsafety of some counter for some assassin, and the poverty of openers.
-Some perks needs buff, but mostly some character should have access to other perks that makes more sense
-We need a complete Feat update for the OG character.
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2019.05.13 00:03 MAD623 How does the GW2 matchmaking in PvP work nowadays?

I keep getting added to teams where people can't even read the map, don't use free camera or look back, only focus on 1v1s and do really silly mistakes.
I don't feel like I am getting better at this, in fact, I feel like I am getting worse and the whole experience is incredibly frustrating.
Based on my number of games, I started playing less and less ever since they changed it so you can only be 2 in ranked. Back then I could do my squad the way I wanted and everyone knew what they were supposed to be doing.
What do? I want to keep playing PvP.
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2019.05.07 21:42 Skylent MMO Dungeons Should Use MMR

Even in the most friendly of MMO, I find that even the casual leveling dungeons can hold a lot of toxicity when you have mixed experience groups trying to LFG together. I was wondering what your experiences with LFG and dungeonering as a whole have been like in MMO and ARPG games?


For me, I remember situations even in Guild Wars 2; the first accessible dungeon where players constantly kicked me and my friend because she was a Necromancer "back when condition damage was poor for that dungeon and overall people hated necros" However playing GW2's dungeons at the launch of the game with everyone else on level par, was some of the best, most unique, and challenging content I have ever done. Today, it seems very rare to see entire parties of new players having the good experiences that I / we did back when it all began. Everyone is just speedrunning and will get agitated or ban / leave if you aren't too. Likewise with a number of OG Warcraft dungeons that are populated by only verteran rerollers. I don't think level / gear score is enough of a matchmaking tool for the truest experiences.

In pvp games that take themselves seriously, they use MMR. I think these games with all that focus on the dungeoneering, if they take that part of the game seriously, they should include it as well. I know there is an argument that queue times can already be so heavy, maybe. But the option to specifically play with alike newer players should be included I think.
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