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Gifs/Video/Pics of your everyday occurrence in Russia or the surrounding areas. Bonus points if not common in the rest of the world

2020.10.24 14:09 mochi_aliya My friend wants to kill herself. And I don't know how to help

First of all my english is not that good so i'll be using google translater. I can't speak about this in russian websites because they're all stupid. We became internet friends maybe 5 years ago, since then we are really close. She can tell me whatever she wants and if she will feel better after, i'll be all ears. She's 7 years older than me (i'm 23). she has a difficult life. after the divorce of her parents, the mother began to hate her daughter since childhood. Until now, her mom is very toxic. "Others may have a good life, but you don't, because it's you. You ruin everything as always" her mom says that. of course my friend thinks so because her closest relative is telling that. She doesn't have close friends in real life so it's really hard to feel that you're not alone. Many bad things happens in everyone's life. She already have few suicide attempts but at that time she was afraid to make it to the end. Right now she's feeling so bad. She's not afraid anymore. She wants to stop feeling that pain. She has hallucinations about her ex and bad things that he has done to her. When she thinks about suicide she feels good and free. She thinks that it's an escape for her. And everything will be good without her.
It will happen in 2 week. And i don't know what to do, what to say to her. What can i say? "Don't worry. Everything will be okay". Well it's stupid to say that. In her place i'd gave up a long time ago. I can't come to her and help her (10000 km apart). The waiting kills me. I don't know how to help her.
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2020.10.24 13:23 firestorm_01 CBN Changelog: October 24, 2020. Mods and bugfixes.

Changelog for Cataclysm: Bright Nights
Changes for: October 17 - 24, 2020
I had to note that interest to the BN project is increasing considering number of bug reports, contributions and download counts (
This week we had ongoing efforts to import updated mods (Aftershock, Magiclysm, DinoMod) to BN. That require merging some features from DDA so it still in progress. Also important bug fixes were done to improve game stability and plyability.

Big thanks this time:




Previous changelog:
Changes so far:
Bugs and suggestions can be posted here:
How to help:
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2020.10.24 13:19 TessaBissolli Oleander and The Deer Hunter, a parallel story?

In the case, Red argues that the critical assumption Liz is making about the serial killer is wrong. Red believes the killer to be a "delicate doe".
The most critical assumption you're making about The Deer Hunter is wrong.... This brute they call The Deer Hunter isn't a buck at all, but instead a delicate doe
while Liz argues the killer is a man:
Our suspect is patient, calm. He likely spends hours scouting the prey. He's only interested in big men, the ones who are hard to take down, like the big bucks in the wild. Now, you're looking for an incredibly smart offender, highly organized. White male, likely 35 to 40. It is the sport that he's seduced by, the ritual of the hunt. When he does finally make his move, it happens fast, striking in a blitz-style attack most never see coming. His heart-shot prey rarely make it over 100 feet before bleeding out. That moment is everything to him-- the rush of control. The typical mutilation killer focuses on a specific area of the anatomy that suits their interest-- the face, the eyes or mouth, the extremities, hands, breasts, genitalia. But this one's different-- he's interested in total domination of the body. He guts them, removing the organs with surgical precision, but then leaving them in a pile.
But these aren't sex crimes, which indicates they are instead crimes of domination, an effort on his part to gain control over men who, based on their physical similarities, represent a man who once had dominance over him-- a father, an older brother. It is my belief that "The Deer Hunter" is, in fact, a very slight, rather weak man.
at the end, it turns out that what an astute reporter had observed was correct. The present time Deer Hunter was a copycat:
REPORTER: You're not looking for The Deer Hunter.... The first six victims, Mark Rodgers through Perry Holloman, he was experimenting. The field dressing became cleaner, he switched from a folder to a field blade—
We didn't overlook that. He was learning, evolving.
Evolving implies that he wanted to improve.
Are you saying he didn't?
The techniques and incisions used on the last six victims are all identical. The Deer Hunter loved to explore. There's no way he would repeat himself.
You think we're dealing with a copycat.
The Deer Hunter is an artist. The guy you're looking for is a forger.
The Deer Hunter was actually a relay team of husband and wife. The first killer was the husband. A man who was, just as Liz had observed, made to feel less by his father, and who took down men to dominate them. But the second killer was his wife, who came upon him and killed him, then decided to use his MO to fulfill her own agenda:
TRACY: I came by the house one night to get my things. I thought he was gone, but he was in here, in the garage. He had blood on his mouth, on his clothes. The Deer Hunter had been all over the news. So, in that moment, I knew what he'd done. And I tried to leave, but but he came towards me. He knew I knew, so he couldn't let me go. And I'd never held a weapon. I-I-I-I I'd fended him off with a knife before, but that? I never held a bow. Before I knew it, the arrow went straight through his heart. And I thought about calling the police, turning myself in, but then I realized "You could continue".... All those women Whitehaven had helped, just like me-- I could give them their lives back by becoming him.
so the wife, Tracy Solobotkin, copied his modus operandi, for her own agenda. At the conclusion of the case, Red and Liz have this conversation:
RED: You were right about The Deer Hunter-- he was a man.
LIZ: And a woman. We were both half right.
Together, we were right.
The lines have been used by the Rederina fans as a clue to Rederina. But the parallel is not logical. This case is not about a woman who became a man, this is about a husband and wife using the same moniker to commit crimes with different agendas.
It's about a man who was a serial killer, is discovered by his wife to be so, and after killing him, she uses his IDENTITY as the Deer Hunter to continue his "operation" of killing men, but to suit her agenda. She continued to be a woman and he was always a man, it is simply a codename that changes hands.
And that brings me to Oleander. We are being told that Dom is Oleander, a feared lethal KGB operative:
I made some calls, cashed in a few favors from friends working in counter-intelligence. Oleander was the name of a Russian operative active during the Cold War.
A Russian agent?
I'm not sure he's even still alive. A few years ago, the CIA thought he might be living here in the United States under an assumed name. That was never proven. No charges were ever filed.
Thank you for this.
Agent Keen, be very careful. If that man is the operative they call Oleander, he's extremely dangerous. And he won't appreciate FBI agents dropping by to ask him questions.
but let us examine what is actually being said, rather than the result of an investigation that seemed curiously inconclusive:
Oleander was the name of a Russian operative active during the Cold War.
There is no gender implied there. A Russian Operative does not even imply the person had to be Russian. Just operating FOR Russia.
Now Oleander is the name of a very beautiful, and extremely poisonous flowering bush. A strange name for a male operative. Like Rose or Azalea. Both the name of a flowering bush and the flower they produce. A female name.
So a male operative using a female name. while a mysterious woman, who was the mother of his child, Katarina, says she is from Russia to the new husband, and writes a letter to a mailbox rented to a different name:
Well, the box is registered to a Tracey Ivers, but that's the guy who picked it up.
and curiously, Tracey or Tracy, is an unisex name, used both by males or females.
Tracey Ivers and Tracy Solobotkin
So, what if the original Oleander was the mysterious Lena Volkova, and when she was found out to have been a Russian operative, her husband or boyfriend, assumed the codename, adapting it to his own use. Pretending to be a KGB agent.
What if the original Oleander was Katarina's mother, and Dom was the copycat?
Taking her codename to become what she was doing. Being a spy for the KGB?
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Hello, My name is Dommy and I am a Challenger player on EUNE and Grandmaster on EUW. I’ve been boosting for a few years now, probably have boosted 250+ clients over this period, some before this subreddit was even a thing.
I am boosting SoloQ and DuoQ, with DuoQ being a tiny bit more expensive. I also coach and provide information about getting better while we play if the client desires.
I boost from Iron 4 to Master tier on EUW/EUNE/TRUSSIAN servers. If you are interested send me a PM or add me on discord (Dom#3312)
Payments are made through PayPal/TransferWise/WesternUnion usually before each division so that it can be safe for both parties. If you have any questions add me on discord (Dom#3312)
Link to the vouch thread:
Best Regards, Dommy
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2020.10.24 13:01 PandemicPower The days before text chat died

Text has been dead on omegle for several years now. It's a shame to be honest. It was always full of horny guys just typing "M" but now it's literally unusable.
What were your best conversations on text chat? I remember talking to someone who claimed to be a Russian professional chess player about 11 years ago. I wish I was the log saved, they were extremely psychologically disturbed. They told me about how their life since childhood had just been about learning chess tactics and so on. Never knew if they were telling the truth but it'd be a weird thing to lie about.
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2020.10.24 10:04 thegonz99021 Do I have a responsibility for keeping a small piece of history alive?

TL;DR – Great Grandpa fought in ww2, wrote diary. Grandmas death revealed she had unknown brother. This make me think I have responsibility for a piece of history. Do I?
This needs some backstory. It might also be too philosophical and too little actual history for this sub but I don’t know where else to post it so please bear with me.
My great grandfather was born in the Swedish-speaking part of Finland and fought in the Winter- and Continuation War during WW2. He wrote a diary during his service which gives a great insight of what ordinary soldiers did during the war. From sitting around waiting for orders on where to march and complaining about the food, to desperately trying to fend off overwhelming Soviet forces pushing through their lines.
Growing up, I have been fascinated with story about him and even did a school project about him in a history class. I’ve tried to dig deeper in this. I’ve found the official war diaries of both the regiment and battalion he served in, I’ve found maps and bought many books on the subject. The plan is loosely to write some kind of report or book detailing his service. Not necessarily to publish, but to give myself a clearer picture of what happened and what he went through. However, it’s an on and off project as I only do this when inspiration strikes me. It is slow work, cross referencing diaries, pouring over maps and to complicate things further a lot of the source material is in Finnish and Russian, which I don’t speak. To me this is obviously a very personal story as my relative did all these amazing things and survived. But in the bigger picture, the “Finland during WW2”, this quickly fades to some marginal anecdotes.
The philosophical side of this began when my grandmother passed away back in January. When we went through her belongings, we found an old photo with the inscription “Mother and me at my brothers grave”. The thing is, as far as everyone in my family knew, my grandmother was an only child. My dad called the church in the town where she was born, and it turns out she had had an older brother who died before she was born. She had never mentioned it to anyone.
What does this side story have to do with the war diary? It made me realize that I am the last person to care about my great grandfather’s war service. My sister and cousins aren’t interested. My dad, while interested and supportive of me digging deeper, will not himself do more than cherish the memories. Looking at that picture I was overwhelmed knowing that I have the power to decide if another person’s legacy will live on or not. Like my grandmother choose not to let the memory of her dead brother live on, I must choose what to do with my great grandfather’s memory, at least the war part. It made me feel responsible in some weird way, as “this story dies with me”.
It feels strange to know that if I do not do something with this material, the memory of his service will be forever lost, aside from the diary no one will read. At the same time, I feel I’ll come across as slightly megalomaniac thinking this highly of an insignificant piece of history. It is not the history itself that bothers me, it’s the fact that I am the last curator of a memory.
Do you think I have a responsibility for keeping this tiny piece of history alive?
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2020.10.24 09:39 thatonthat The biggest thing that has stumped me after all this time about the JFK asassination...

Hey folks. All the Boomers are asleep, and my Zoomer friends aren't as obsessed with the cold war as I am, so here we are.

The Warren commission basically concludes that Oswald was a lone wolf. The thing that stumps me isn't the guns or anything nerdy like that. It's basically his whole ideology and why the USSR even entertained him. And also how he managed to stay in the military during McCarthyism when he was openly pretty anti-America and Communist.

So basically the story follows that he goes to the USSR on a...tourist? visa and when it expires he slits his wrists so they have to take him to the psych ward and he gets to stay longer. Why didn't the USSR just ship him home after this? Did they really need more people in the factory that bad? He had already cemented himself as an unreliable and unstable person at that point. In the Soviet Union, the state was ultimately an employer and employers don't like to take on risks. If I recall correctly he also had a pretty average quality of life afforded to him there, maybe on par with what he had in the states, but then again he was also on welfare when he came back with his wife. This combined with the military excursion makes me think he was some sort of triple agent but at the same time he was way too dumb for that.

Going back to his dumbness, he wasn't particularly well read in Communist literature. He could only name Engels and Marx. This may be me sounding overly academic but I'd assume someone who is ready to kill the leader of the free world for Communism would be more informed on the ideology, no? So it kind of makes me think that his true reason for killing JFK was for a material benefit/reward, most likely from the CIA. The CIA would have flagged nearly anyone like him. He wasn't just a Communist he literally defected to the USSR and had a Russian wife. The fact they didn't kind of shows he was in kahoots with them.

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2020.10.24 08:44 lespretend What to grind besides Obj430u and IS7?

Currently at T-34-85, A43, and IS for USSR lines as everyone seems to agree that obj430u and IS7 are the 'go to' starting T10 tanks to grab. Playing like 8 years ago (yea been gone for a minute) I grinded out to roughly T5 on USA, USSR, and Germany's med/heavy lines back then. I have like 40 garage slots, entirely f2p, and any premiums I have like free ones from Wargaming and the like.
So how are USA med/heavy and Germany now a days? I keep hearing bad stuff about both, especially USA heavies. I'm currently at the T7 Tiger for Germany, and can purchase the T7 vk 30.02 D medium to go down Leo line (or repurchase 30.01 M to go Panther line if it's better)
For USA I can purchase the Tier 5 T1 Heavy and the tier 6 M4 Easy 8 Sherman. I can also grab the Cromwell from UK.
I'm still relearning the spotting mechanics if I'm actually hidden behind a bush and what not so I'm usually nuked from orbit early on if playing meds, or nailed hard from being up front in my heavies trying to sidescrape in the IS. Only thing I remember is the German meds tend to be backline snipers and I'll do good in those but I want to grind more than just Russians.
Also, what TD lines are good to start down? I'm scattered down usa, germany, and ussr as far as those too (being original nation lines back then)
I also have 5000 bonds, should I spend them on a tank or something now or save them for when I get a T10 finally and accrue more bonds with them?
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2020.10.24 08:34 DigitalBoy760 [WTS] The "Oh shit, my last landlords are f**king me over sale", Part 1.

Heidy-ho and okely-dokely, neighbors!
The good news: I have a schway new pad, out here in Denton USA!, the home of happiness!
The bad news: my prior landlord/property management company ganked my deposit, and is demanding a chunka-chunka burning money on top of that. My job has a prepaid legal plan, and after consulting with a lawyer, I've determined that I'm pretty much fucked. I could fight it, but I'd end up paying more out of pocket in the long run and possibly losing in arbitration anyway.
That said, I'm going all Marie Kondo on my, admittedly bulbous and pendulous collection. I'll be starting off with the C and D listers that have accumulated, and be making harder, more painful decisions later.
That said, here's the first batch up for sale. All of this batch are no boxes/accessories. They're MIA or got ruined (along with a ton of original gun boxes) from a water leak in the garage at the old house.
I'm going blanket rate these as C to D condition: most have been carried and used, all are mechanically fine, with some having some cosmetic issues like scratches/scuffs on the blades or scales, unless I specify otherwise.
I will honor dibs in order posted here in the thread. I have to help a roommate move in later this morning and am going to sleep, so post your YOLOs. No chats, as Brave doesn't always play nice with them.
The Brand Name Bunch:
A: Maserin Antigua 440C - $25 B: CRKT Outrage - $25 C: Kershaw 1338WM - $5 if bought with another knife D: Proelia(?) big chonky D2 tactical knife - $25 E: Steelwill Cutjack D2 - $25 F: Ontario Cerberus D2/Ti - $75 G: Bestech Swordfish D2/G10 tan - $40 (unused, C for no box/pouch) H: Bestech Swordfish D2/G10-green - $40 (same as the tan, A condition, C grade for missing extras) I: Ganzo F756 Firebird 440C/CF - $30 (A condition, but rating C for no pouch) J: Ganzo G753 440C/CF - $30 (A condition, C rating for missing extras)
The miscellaneous clones:
A: Strider SMF clone, S35VN marked - $30 B: Marfione Hellhound clone D2/Ti - $40 - good shape and materials. Lockup is a bit iffy, if you tap it a good one on the spine, it'll close on you. Real nice build quality tho. C: ADV Cleaver clone S35VN marked - $20 D: CRK Mnandi clone, M390 marked - $25 - nice build quality all things considered. E: Bean clone S35VN marked - $20 F: Microtech Scarab OTF clone - $40 - fires hard with a solid thunk on fire and retract, no spring sing. no blade steel marking. Handle is aluminum, not zamak.
Shirogorov/Russian clones:
A: Green Thorn Hati clone, D2/Ti - $60 - I've YOLO'd on so many GT Shiros that I think I have 2 or 3 of these. Though I won't cry if this one doesn't sell, TBH. GT has that special something that feels SO good in the hand. B: Shiro/Mayo Dr. Death Ti clone D2/Ti - $40 - Don't think it's Green Thorn, but it's on that level of build quality. C: Eafengrow F95 clone, D2 marked/G10 - $25 - Extremely stiff, okay edge. Says D2 but knowing Eafengrow could be 5CR or similar. D: F3 clone D2/G10 - $30 - Can't remember who made this one. It wasn't Green Thorn, but one of the lesser known shops in Yangjiang. Action is very nice and it's well built, has a nice, but not great edge. E: CKF Daboia/Venom II clone - D2/steel - $25 - Acquired a couple of these, and one was purported to be genuine. Both were clones, it turns out. Nice action, decent edge. F: Eafengrow 100NS Tabargan clone D2 marked/G10 - $20 - Stiff action, edge is decent. Build quality is okay.
Zero Tolerance clones:
A: ZT 0808 clone, D2/Ti presumed - $40 - Found most of these on a now defunct seller page on DHGate. The build quality and action on these are actually really nice. I'm presuming D2/Ti for blade/handle. Just can't remember who cloned them. B: ZT 0095 clone - $40 - Same story, solid lockup, flicks open and drops shut smoothly. C: ZT 0805(ish) flipper clone - D2/CF - $35 - A quasi 0805 inspired clone - the OG is thumbstud, this is a flipper. Solid knives tho. D: Same as C, I ordered 2 of them. - $35 E: ZT 0770 clone D2(?)/G10 - $20 - Decent action, edge could use a strop. F: ZT 0801 CF, presume D2/Ti - $40 - action, edge and build quality are good. Haven't held a real deal, but this one's close enough it could probably fool a casual buyer. G: ZT 0920 - presume D2/G10 - $30 - Action and build quality are good, and it's mostly faithful to the lines of the real deal, but an obvious knock off.
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2020.10.24 08:27 myphoneisdry 22F from cali hoping to meet new people :)

Hey there! I'm a 22yo hoping to make some friends on this beautiful saturday night! Here are a few things about me, I hope to make it short since you probably don't wanna read an essay hahah. I'm in the military part time. I love medieval to 19th century european history. I love learning about different cultures and languages, and meeting people from all over the world and learning about different ways of life. I am currently learning serbian and hope to take up russian and maybe even hebrew next! I love music, I mostly listen to old heavy metal like iron maiden or soft rock like fleetwood mac. I will listen to mostly anything but country and newer rap lol. I hope you're having a great day/night, talk to you soon! x
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2020.10.24 07:38 Ok-Till-2114 Any words that fit my requirements

Is their any words or any last names that is Russian, Ukrainian, Canadian, European, British, and has that side/part of the world, or has at least 75% of above if the word doesn’t have all of above. Like I’m looking for a word that can be use for a last name, I don’t care if it is a word or an last name, I just want any thing that you have that fits the requirements that I have listed above. I don’t care how different or how weird the word is. I will edit this if this is confusing.
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2020.10.24 07:38 Yakoryak Follow-up on my previous post about the influence of HZD on my life.

Link to the first post:
So hello everyone again. I have already talked about how the personalities of Elizabet and Aloy changed me. I got a lot of friendly comments about my story, thank you guys for that. Some comments suggested me to continue to report my successes. With the release of this game on PC, I was able to fully enjoy it again, and this time the emotional involvement has increased even more. This gave another huge boost to my development as a machine learning scientist. Now I'm not just a person whom Elizabet saved from death by her example and a successful researcher, but also the head of the machine learning research laboratory, a team of 15 people work under my leadership, my laboratory is funded by Rosatom (the main Russian center for nuclear technology), I have met many good friends who are as passionate about research as I am, and even have a very good material base in the form of excellent equipment, which is indispensable in machine learning and artificial intelligence. So thanks to Guerilla Games, and of course thanks to Elizabeth !!! You saved me from certain death, gave me a new, better life, which I could not even dream of. These changes and this game is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
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2020.10.24 06:58 Ok-Till-2114 Any words for my requirements

Is their any words or any last names that is Russian, Ukrainian, Canadian, European, British, and has that side/part of the world, or has at least 75% of above if the word doesn’t have all of above. Like I’m looking for a word that can be use for a last name, I don’t care if it is a word or an last name, I just want any thing that you have that fits the requirements that I have listed above. I don’t care how different or how weird the word is. I will edit this if this is confusing.
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2020.10.24 06:44 MoistKnowledge2441 [BREEDS] Looking for apartment-friendly, child-friendly, active owners-friendly, dog

1) Will this be your first dog? If not, what experience do you have owning/training dogs?
* ANSWER- No, not much experience with training.
2) Do you have a preference for rescuing a dog vs. going through a [reputable breeder](
* ANSWER- No preference
3) Describe your ideal dog.
* ANSWER- Short hair, medium to large dog, calm, good with toddlers and kids, easy going, barks when alerted, easy to train.
4) What breeds or types of dogs are you interested in and why?
Heeler because of the size, shorter hair, easy to train.
Rhodesian Ridgeback because of their appearance, and their short hair
Labor because of their appearance, family dog, and easy going.
5) What sorts of things would you like to train your dog to do?
basic obedience (come, stop, sit, down)
Train my dog to run beside my bike
6) Do you want to compete with your dog in a sport (e.g. agility, obedience, rally) or use your dog for a form of work (e.g. hunting, herding, livestock guarding)? If so, how much experience do you have with this work/sport?
**Care Commitments**
7) How long do you want to devote to training, playing with, or otherwise interacting with your dog each day?
* ANSWER- 1 to 2 hours a day
8) How long can you exercise your dog each day, on average? What sorts of exercise are you planning to give your dog regularly and does that include using a dog park?
* ANSWER- 1 to 2 hours a day
Riding my bike
9) How much regular brushing are you willing to do? Are you open to trimming hair, cleaning ears, or doing other grooming at home? If not, would you be willing to pay a professional to do it regularly?
* ANSWER- 1-2 times a day
I am open to learning the necessary grooming my dog needs
**Personal Preferences**
10) What size dog are you looking for?
* ANSWER Medium to large
11) How much shedding, barking, and slobber can you handle?
* ANSWER- Slight to moderate
12) How important is being able to let your dog off-leash in an unfenced area?
* ANSWER- Important
**Dog Personality and Behavior**
13) Do you want a snuggly dog or one that prefers some personal space?
* ANSWER- Both
14) Would you prefer a dog that wants to do its own thing or one that’s more eager-to-please?
* ANSWER- Eager-to-please
15) How would you prefer your dog to respond to someone knocking on the door or entering your yard? How would you prefer your dog to greet strangers or visitors?
* ANSWER- No barking, no jumping
Kennel if said to
16) Are you willing to manage a dog that is aggressive to other dogs?
17) Are there any other behaviors you can’t deal with or want to avoid?
* ANSWER- Barking
18) How often and how long will the dog be left alone?
19) What are the dog-related preferences of other people in the house and what will be their involvement in caring for the dog?
* ANSWER- My husband and I are on the same page
20) Do you have other pets or are you planning on having other pets? What breed or type of animal are they?
21) Will the dog be interacting with children regularly?
22) Do you rent or plan to rent in the future? If applicable, what breed or weight restrictions are on your current lease?
* ANSWER- Rent
" Akitas, Alaskan Malamutes, American Staffordshire Terriers, Bull Mastiffs, Chow Chows, Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, Huskies, Mastiffs (including Bull Mastiffs, Cane Corso Mastiffs, English Mastiffs, Italian Mastiffs, Neopolitan Mastiffs, and Tibetan Mastiffs), Pit Bulls, Presa Canarios, Rottweilers, and Wolf hybrids. In addition, the Russian Bear Dog is not permitted at this time. "
23) What city or country do you live in and are you aware of any laws banning certain breeds?
* ANSWER - Bay Area, California
24) What is the average temperature of a typical summer and winter day where you live?
summer 85-95
Winter 45-70
**Additional Information and Questions**
25) Please provide any additional information you feel may be relevant.
I have a 17 month old child. I would like a dog that she can play with, eventually learn responsibility for taking care of the dog. We enjoy being outside for a majority of our morning, and usually walk in the evening time.
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2020.10.24 06:34 ThrowRA_sadpanda My fiancé (28M) is annoyed because I (29F) said his friendship with another particular female coworker made me uncomfortable tonight.

ThrowRA account because I don't want this attached to my main. Also, apologies for the formatting since I'm on mobile.
This is a bit long, so there's a TLDR at the bottom. Let's dive in. My fiancé and I have been together for 6.5 years. We decide to go out for dinner to his place of work since I've been stressed out with my job (he works in the service industry). As we are led to a table, one of his female coworkers squeals and runs and jumps into his arms, giving him a giant hug. I'm a bit shocked at the intensity of the hug at first, but remain polite and smile with my eyes (as I'm wearing a mask). The hug seemed like they were old childhood friends and she hadn't seen him in years, when in fact they work together and even though they might not work the same shifts, they have seen each other in the past few weeks, so I just thought it was extra. She does acknowledge me and we exchange pleasantries as my fiancé introduces her as his "Russian lady" (they apparently talk in Russian accents together as a joke -- but it's something he and I do together at home, and didn't think that was something he would do with another person.). She knows who I am, as he talks about me at work.
She's serving our table, and mostly talking to him, which is fine since they have more of a relationship, so I just chime in where I can in the conversation. My fiancé asks about her boyfriend and of they were seeing each other a lot, which I thought was a bit random to bring up, but I also thought maybe I'm overanalyzing the situation and still shook from that intense hug. Over the course of the night, they jokingly talk in Russian accents to each other which bothered me a bit because it's something he and I do as a joke together, and they said "love you" in Russian accents to each other 3 times over dinner (which I also thought was really fucking weird). I mean, I tell my girlfriends I love them as a joke, but would never really say that to my male friends (and if I did, I especially wouldn't say it in front of my SO to not make him uncomfortable).
The other coworkers come to say hi to us at the table over the course of dinner as well, but his energy is different with "Russian lady" vs. his other female coworkers. He just generally seemed excited when SHE was around vs. his polite demeanor with the other female coworkers. Before leaving, he gives her a massive tip (around 33%) and when I whispered to him that seemed like a lot, he said that other coworkers would do the same for him if he served them. We don't make a lot of income, but I do believe in tipping servers well as I was a server in the past so I didn't really think anything of the big tip until later.
As we got in the car, I was pretty quiet and feeling a bit anxious with everything that happened, so I decide to ask how long she'd been with her boyfriend. He says that he doesn't know but he thinks a while, and I mentioned that I got weird vibes from her and that she seemed flirty with him. He said it was just him and this girl's relationship they have, and they're just really good friends. I press on a bit mentioning that it was just weird seeing her hug him so intensely and practically running and jumping into his arms. I also brought up the Russian accent thing, and how it made me feel like it was similar to our relationship and that it was weird for me hearing them tell each other they loved each other several times during the night. He said he understands and that if he saw me do this with a male coworker, he would feel uncomfortable too, and he apologized for making me uncomfortable. He says they're only just really good friends and that I have nothing to worry about, and that they just have the same sense of humor. I didn't really have much else to say, as I was still feeling a bit sad, insecure, and possibly a bit jealous, but more just done with talking about the situation. The rest of the car ride was pretty quiet.
I then noticed that the air changed when we got home and he seemed generally annoyed because I said something about his friendship with this girl. He exasperatedly sighed as he came in and didn't pay attention to the dog we have together. That's a big sign that he's upset or angry because he always greets our dog. He goes into the shower and says nothing, so I just lay in bed because I didn't really want to do anything. He comes in the bedroom after and asks me with an annoyed tone if I'm just going to go to bed. I respond with I'm just laying down because my stomach hurts (I have IBS due to stress sometimes so after that uncomfortable dinner, I just wanted to chill and wanted space). Then he comes back with a passive aggressive "okay, have a good one then.." and we've just been in separate spaces the rest of the night.
Sorry that was so long winded. I just need advice to see if I'm overanalyzing this situation and being crazy, or if my gut is telling me something. I also don't understand why he's now annoyed with me?
TLDR; my fiancé and a female coworker have a (flirty?) friendship together and do weird things together that parallel our relationship. He's now annoyed with me after I brought up how and why I was feeling uncomfortable with it. Need advice to know if I'm overthinking this.
EDIT: spelling because I'm a sillybear and a bit more context - I also want to add that I don't think he would ever cheat on me, since he's the type of person to break up with me first before doing something like that (he believes in not cheating very strongly). He's also just a genuinely nice person who can come off as flirty to other women, or maybe he's just flirty and dense about it.
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2020.10.24 06:25 hubau Summary of Memento in chronological order (through part 3)

People seemed to like this last time, so I'll keep doing it:
Brian: Leonard is in a broken-down basement with a young woman and a flamboyantly dressed man who yells at him in rhyming couplets. He is holding an angry dog. They realize that the basement appears to be on fire and they seem trapped until Leonard thinks to follow the dogs who know a way out. They run over to rescue two other dogs that are in harm's way. As Leonard gets his hands in the fire, he notices that there's a ring on his finger that seems to glow with strange text.
Courtney: The dogs dig through the rubble to find a way out of the basement. They end up between the buildings, under the level of the sidewalk, and try to make their way across some beams. Leonard falls and drops the dog he is carrying. The flamboyant man also falls, and the woman jumps in after Leonard. They fall into rushing water and Leonard is able to grab on to a brick wall before he gets sucked down a fast-moving pipe. Leonard catches the woman, but the flamboyant man and at least one of the dogs gets sucked down the pipe.
James: Leonard and the woman climb out of the water and up into a sewer pipe. They wander through the sewers and pass through multiple forks in the road. They talk, and the woman introduces herself as Anne, and claims to be Leonard's girlfriend. They get lost and end up deep in the tunnels until a crit-success perception roll lets them follow the sound of jazz into an underground speakeasy where they find a well-dressed man (Kevin Kane), and his thug (John Bestoso), beating up a guy (Oliver Morgan). Leonard successfully intimidates Bestoso, but Kane is unmoved. Kevin Kane implies he will kill Leonard. They fight, and Leonard and kills him with a broken wine bottle. He interrogates Bestozo about why Oliver Morgan was being beaten, and they mention that Morgan had infiltrated the Russian mob, and was supposed to retrieve something from them, which he failed to get.
Scott: Leonard goes into the bathroom to take stock. He checks all his tattoos and realizes any notes he had were destroyed in the water. He checks his wallet and finds it belongs to a man named James Grants, which matches the name in his tattoos, which makes him suspect that Grants is the man who killed his wife. He asks Bestoso and Morgan, and Bestoso says he knows Grants, who is a drug dealer for The Fox. Leonard asks Bestoso to take him to Grants, and Bestoso says he isn't allowed to. When Leonard presses him on who he works for, he points to the dead guy (Kevin Kane). When asked who's next up on the chain of command, he says it is the Man Upstairs, the legendary founder of the Society of the Sleeping Heart. Leonard decides to go see him and so the four of them set off.
They fight their way upstairs and eventually find a secret elevator that takes them up to an unreachable floor where Leonard finds a man named Aaron Woodward in a projection room watching Looney Tunes. Leonard realizes that Woodward is a rich heir that has the same condition as him, and is being used by Kevin Kane and his brother Arthur. Arthur Kane and his enforcer Elias Moord arrive upstairs and kill Oliver Morgan. Leonard at first tries to fight them but when he realizes he has no chance, he tells Arthur Kane about his condition, and tells him he will work for him in exchange for getting him to Jimmy Grants. Arthur Kane agrees and Leonard writes a note that tells him to trust Kane (as well as a note saying that Anne is his girlfriend). He then goes into the projection room to intentionally lose focus.
Andy: Leonard exits the theater and sees Arthur Kane, Bestoso, Moord and Anne. Kane tells Leonard he will help him find Jimmy Grants, the man who killed his wife (Kane also lies and says Grants killed his brother.) He puts a gun to Anne's head and asks Leonard if he would let her die to get his revenge. Leonard says yes, which turns out to be the correct answer and she is spared. Kane says the price for Jimmy Grants is to retrieve something he needs from a bank vault, and Leonard agrees.
When Leonard asks for a day to recover from his injuries, the others figure out a way to get into the bank vault at night and agree to change their plans to give Leonard some time and medical attention. In the intervening time, Leonard writes some notes for himself, and notices a ring on his left hand which contained a mysterious symbol engraved inside.
In the evening they set off for the bank: Leonard and Moord in the main car, with Bestoso and Anne in a support car. With Moord speaking into Leonard's earpiece, he infiltrates the bank, subdues a guard and opens the vault.
Luisa: Moord tells the suddenly confused Leonard what to do and the heist continues. Leonard climbs along the vault walls so as to not set off pressure sensors on the ground. He steals the object they wanted (a red box), as well as the contents of some random security lockers to throw off the police. However, Leonard drops some things on the floor, which probably trips the sensors. He escapes the vault just in time, but Moord hears sirens and bails. Leonard parkours his way back out the ventilation system and onto the roof. As police approach, Leonard jumps onto the strip mall next door and runs along the roofs to the end of the block where he jumps down. As he tries his communicator for Moord, he instead gets Anne, who comes to find him. Together they break into a car and hotwire it.
Joz: Leonard drives away calmly and manages to not trigger the police suspicions. Once they are far away they pull over, and Leonard inspects and catalogs the contents of the loot bag he took from the bank. The red box contains a gun with Russian inscriptions (which he notes). He puzzles through the random things he had grabbed, and Anne takes some of the jewelry for herself, and puts an ornate, dragon-shaped ring on Leonard's finger.
Anne crit-succeeds her IQ to remember the rendezvous point and know where it is, and they drive there. There they meet Moord and Kane in an airplane hangar, and Moord takes the red box and opens it, offering the russian-inscribed gun to Leonard. Kane tells him to shoot Bestoso, who is tied to a chair. Leonard does his best to shoot him in a non-lethal part of his torso, and then tries to pretend to cry, and attempt that goes horribly wrong and makes him seem insane.
Kane's thugs drag Bestoso into an idling airplane and Kane tells Leonard to toss the gun in after him. Leonard intentionally misses, intending to wipe his prints from the gun while he picks it up, but loses focus in the attempt and so fails to do so.
Paige: Leonard climbs into the plane and finds it full of dead bodies (and a semi-conscious Bestoso, who pleads with him) but is told not to investigate by Moord, and Leonard complies. Kane tells him that in return for services rendered, he's going to send him to find Jimmy Grants, who works for a guy named The Fox. Kane tells him to bring Grants back to him because he also wants revenge. Moord leads Leonard to The Fox's compound. On the way, Anne warns Leonard the thugs will take his notes and try to manipulate him, and convinces him to write her another note saying she's his girlfriend and leave it with her.
At the compound, Leonard and Moord are supposed to get Grants out without starting any trouble, but the plan goes wrong when people at the Fox's compound seem to recognize Leonard (Moord and Kane did not know that Leonard had already been there?) Leonard is shown a friend who he actually recognizes from his pre-accident life (Travis) who they use to be sure Leonard is the guy they've been looking for.
They go into the basement of the compound (they disarm them, but don't find the gun Leonard had hidden in his sock). There The Fox arrives to interrogate him. When The Fox threatens him with a gun, Leonard pulls his own gun, prompting a shootout where Leonard is shot.
Pitr: Leonard wakes up in a car trunk, which he fails to escape from. They pull him out on to a beach, and he sees a body being thrown into the water (probably Moord). Leonard crit fails a roll which puts The Fox at alert with him.
Mirirai: Leonard is interrogated again by The Fox. The Fox has looked through the notes in his pockets and asks him about the Russian writing he copied from the gun, and about the mysterious symbol transcribed from the ring. The Fox takes the dragon ring that Anne put on Leonard's finger (incorrectly assuming that is the ring with the symbol), and seems willing to trade Leonard's life for it, but Leonard crit fails a roll, which blows that chance. The Fox breaks his hand on Leonard's face and Leonard uses this chance to try to get in the car and escape. His escape fails, but he manages to sneak a gun that was in the Fox's car, which he hides in his belt.
Leonard is put on his knees and is about to be executed, but succeeds a roll to distract them and they see that the police are coming. Leonard runs, and one of the thugs (Chris Mansfield) runs after him, in spite of The Fox telling him not to.
Jon: Leonard runs to a cave (he notices Anne and the car but does not know who she is.) When he hears her, he crit fails and starts to think she is his wife. He shoots Mansfield, and crit succeeds to interrogate him. Mansfield tells him that the "One-Eyed Ranger" killed Jimmy Grants, and that there is a warehouse with all his secrets. Leonard kills Mansfield and runs off with Anne, who reveals she was the one who called the cops. She then takes him to the hospital.
Carolyn: Leonard wakes in the hospital and Anne tells him now that she is his wife (she claims the ring with the mysterious symbols is their wedding band.) She also tells him that Leonard killed Jimmy Grants in a climactic gun battle. Leonard is interrogated by a cop who doesn't know who he is. He fails to persuade the cop that there is nothing suspicious about him, so he and Anne escape out a window and run off into the sunset to find Anne's sister.
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2020.10.24 06:22 myphoneisdry 22F from Cali looking for penpals from all over

Hey there :) Good morning/evening wherever you are
I'm looking for penpals, doesn't matter where you're from or what your age is. Here are a few things about me:
  1. One of my biggest passions is languages. Learning and reading about them. I am currently learning serbian, and then I want to learn russian and possibly hebrew :)
  2. I love learning about different cultures, especially european or middle eastern
  3. I am more on the introverted side, but will open up pretty quickly with most people
  4. I am a christian, just starting out actually. I don't mind if you don't share the same beliefs, I will not judge
I have email as well if you prefer that platform
What about you? Tell me about yourself. I will be waiting, take care :)
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2020.10.24 06:18 Bonzo82 FILE 322-23-9 NO DCS FEW SC BLACK HOLE EVENT HORIZON DAY X Funny OT Best Of Hostile Troll Activity - We call it Day X. Or : Weird Russian Rant, a NineLine Clone and we even got a Mike here! This is a Must Read! ITS NOT JK! MILESTONE! BLACK HOLE EVENT HORIZON DAY X NO DCS FEW SC #hiddenagenda

FILE 322-23-9 NO DCS FEW SC BLACK HOLE EVENT HORIZON DAY X Funny OT Best Of Hostile Troll Activity - We call it Day X. Or : Weird Russian Rant, a NineLine Clone and we even got a Mike here! This is a Must Read! ITS NOT JK! MILESTONE! BLACK HOLE EVENT HORIZON DAY X NO DCS FEW SC #hiddenagenda
Open DEV version. Lots of edits later. Lots of side notes now.

Citizens of this World,

It's just a clickbait title, don't worry. But we think this is funny. Some of it is in another, more detailed article but we think this is a Milestone. Milestones get clickbait titles here. And funny side notes.

Idiot bait
Side note : We need a rule for that.
Bonzo Edit : Mental Disorder? Shizophrenia? One Guy? Discuss!

This is #thehiddenagenda

Wanna do something good? TESTERS WANTED! CA CAMPAIGN! FREE CAMPAIGN! BOOK ABOUT CLOWNS. Or planes. Your choice. Seriously, contact us.

Watch the next meme!

A couple of days ago, we had huge troll activity on our site. We always have, but that day was special. Our dev team aka the Council of Truth refers to it as Day X. It has to be recorded here and will forever be a milestone of this blog.

Like I said, we always have troll activity. It's probably most of our activity. Viewer numbers are suprisingly high considering the fact that our few advertising attempts were put to a stop within hours, sometimes minutes. Minutes, hoggit! But still we get 1.5-2.5K viewers each day. So we ran a few tests to prove our point.

We dropped all kinds of threads. Nineline quotes, low effort Grim Reapers content, some ED shenannigans like the Hawk situation. But burried them in a lot of offtopic stuff that made no sense to an outside observer. Trolls got the message. Like we predicted, everything ED related, every Grim Reapers criticism or NineLine stufff got flagged. And some offtopic stuff caught abusive reports as well. Like a Bach work. Toccata and Fugue. Lol. Sorry, but I had to.

Most of it was the usual insults. But three examples are worth noting. Let's start with our Russian fans. Seems we got a couple of them :
The first two are like 'Remove it now!'. The third one is like yeah, yeah, yeah and then nothing nice. I think. Just getting started in Russian. Anyway, we provided some music for them. We sometimes do that. Drop some well chosen music to provoke reactions.

Because we are lyrics fans, trolls and philosophers at the same time. Seems like some people think we crazy because of that lol. Trust us, we are laughing as much as you. These attempts stopped at the same time as the NineLine troll that will be our next example :

Later that night we dropped an article about a very sensitive topic : Grim Reapers racist content and Nineline denying any connection to that organization when they get caught. Like they weren't mentioned in the credits lol.

To poin that out : It had all three hot report topics in one article. And it got drowned in reports. One of them attracted my attention immediately. Look at it :
Removed. By the Council. If you haven't already, read on...

As you can see one of the reports was signed with NineLine. We are Clowns. Not idiots. We been fighting trolls and turtles for ages. We sorta ARE trolls ourselves. [LINK SOON] But it's infinite, kind human beeings! There's a chance everything happens. And it's not that bad. Calculate! If you don't get that, we cant help you. Get back to floggit or use the rant thread.

Gotta focus. Anyway, we were well aware that this was most likely a trolling. But we did what we thought was the right thing. Taking the minimal chance into account that the real NineLine had issues with his account. Took the thing down and gave them a chance to review it. Contacted NineLine and Mrs Perederko.

Censored message, rest is none of your buisness.

At some point I went offline and came back the next day, just to find that joker all over the place!
That's my favourite one.
Shortly after that one, some Mike opened a thread and pretended to be a lawyer, giving advice that made it obvious that he had never even been near a university.

While we had some fun there, Mrs Perederko shot me a message and confirmed that this guy had nothing to do with the real NineLine. I'm a bit surprised that she refused to make a public statement on that, but it's EDs choice. We announced it and got funny reactions :
Yeah right.
But in the end he dropped his mask :
I do. But reddit does not. A couple of trolls got shadowbanned. Since then it has slowed down. We are still broadcasting. Now keep reporting.

If you want to know what happened with Mike the Lawyer and his thread, read this. We have no idea if it is our Mike.

For a more detailed report about Clone-NineLines activities, read this.

Or wait until tomorrow for the final part. We had some fun with them...

We hope you enjoy!

Bonzo The Clown

First Chairman DCS Exposed
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2020.10.24 06:07 meh_just_me 'Russians love India' is a myth!

Why do tons of Indians love Russia so much blindly? I've seen many Indians online going bananas over Russia for the so-called 'help' that Russia had given once upon a time! I mean, it's gone now, a thing of the past! Moreover, Russia had always looked for their benefits rather than 'pure love' for India... Yeah, It's been a good ally politically but I'd say don't extend that to the Russian people as well.
If you are one of those who love Russia for no reason other than politics, feel free to go ahead and downvote this!
This political 'love' does not extend to the general population - period. I've seen a few Russian-only videos where they showcase the poorest regions of India, the comments on the videos where like:
[translated] "India makes Africa look clean", "India is a nation of clowns", "They have big brains - look at the caste system!" "Poor and Polluted" "It's a big slum with 1.4 billion people in it! Miserable" "A person born into the caste of servants has no right to become rich" "Are there shopping malls in India? I don't think so"
See, this is what they actually think of us! Not to be felt offended or anything, just know the truth. They still seem to have an image of India from the 60s... As if every Indian is starving to death!
I mean, it's fine on their part, they've been utterly misinformed. But loving them back for no reason just isn't fair. Can you imagine Indians commenting the same on a video about Russia? All the comments would read: "Our all-weather friend" "We simply love you, Russia!" "Putin is the best president in the world!" "Russia is the only country that understands us!"
Look, this is what I'm talking about. "Every Russian loves India unconditionally" Is a big myth that has to be busted! Most of these blind Russia lovers tend to be people who have no practical affiliation with Russia or Russians, they just copy what others do on the internet and watch a few India-Russia friendship videos online! Or maybe watch a Modi-Putin summit and come up with these dumb conclusions.
Just look at the comment section of a random Modi-Putin summit on Youtube, you'll know what I'm talking about.
No hate for Russia or anything. But this is the reality, just understand. If you still love Russia for no reason other than politics, go on making a fool outta yourselves!
Edit: I can see a few blind Russia lovers in this thread as well...
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2020.10.24 05:57 janedoi My mother just told me that my beloved grandfather has been grifted into the QAnon cult.

My mother and my grandparents were Jewish refugees from Soviet Russia in the early 70s. My grandparents were Democrats their whole lives until Trump ran for office in 2016.
I partly blame my mother for this mess (or maybe I’m just in the anger stage of grief). She has been a registered Independent, but consistently Republican voter, for many years. So many times she has argued conservative talking points to them over the years— trying to convince them that liberal politicians wanted to tax them into poverty. Luckily she hates Trump and is voting for Biden this year, but still considers herself a Mitt Romney type “fiscal conservative only”.
Even though my grandpa loved and voted for Obama— he was dissatisfied at the end of his terms. Back then he would say that Obama would fix everything, so maybe it’s no surprise that he would fall victim to another strong man trap. Unfortunately my grandfather is also the type to be fascinated with conspiracy theories, because he has always been quite active on the internet and is easily influenced. At first it was just semi-harmless ancient aliens type stuff. But because of the influence of my mother and probably reading endless amounts of Russian propaganda on the internet, he has been fully duped.
My mom tells me that he constantly spends hours on the phone with some woman from Florida who is poisoning him with toxic QAnon vitriol (my grandparents live in the North East). He now can’t stop talking about outrageous conspiracies, saying sexist and racist bullshit, and decrying that Biden is going to bring Communism to America (the very thing he ran away from).
She told me today that both her, my stepfather, and my sister are constantly arguing with him these days— trying to get him to see reason. I live across the country and haven’t been able to travel since the start of COVID, so I wasn’t aware of any of this. It feels even worse because I visited last summer and he was totally normal then. He has since become extremely radicalized.
I feel so empty and sad. My grandfather was an engineer and an enthusiastic science lover his whole life. He is the reason I’m getting my PhD now and has always been a positive influence on me. I know that he’s very old now (80), but I never thought he would fall victim to something like this! Especially since our family is proudly Jewish and the QAnon cult is partly rooted in antisemitism.
The other thing is that while my mothers family is Ashkenazi Jewish, I am also half Filipino/Polynesian. I look brown af and you would never even know that I was half Jewish. It hurts me even more that he believes so many racist things about all people of color now.
What about me grandpa? I’m a Jewish woman of color in the “intellectual elite”. Don’t you know that these people want to see me dead or imprisoned? Your own granddaughter? These white supremacists see me as an abomination! Do you see me that way now too?
I haven’t had the chance to talk to him much since this radicalization process began, but now I feel so angry and distraught that I can’t even think about the huge argument that we will definitely get into. I feel like my grandpa must hate me and think horrible things about me now, and I’m too scared to hear him confirm that.
QAnon has effectively destroyed the few remaining years that I have left with him...
Out of everything else I have dealt with during this awful, horrible year— this is definitely the worst one. I can only hope that he doesn’t get sick with COVID during this rapidly intensifying new wave. I fear that he would sign his life away to this death cult and deny medical intervention.
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2020.10.24 05:51 ThrowRA965 Am I overreacting? My mom is trying to take my depression into her own hands and I think she's projecting

My dysthymia began spiralling this January. It's never been this bad. That, along with my worsening OCD and BDD, has caused my life to come to a sudden halt. I've felt increasingly suicidal over my appearance (my BDD), and only realised very recently I might have some serious issues that should be addressed through more regular therapy sessions.
I told my mom about all this (because she told me she wanted to have a conversation about my recent behaviour). She went kind of... ballistic. She set a strict regimen for me to follow: bed by 10pm (I now have to go by 9), leave my computer and phone in the living room before I sleep, exercise daily, drink more water, and spend less time talking to my friends, more time studying. The thing is: would all this make me feel better? I'd certainly imagine. But my depression has made it unnecessarily hard to get out of bed these days, let alone... all that.
See, I've tried telling her this, but her response was basically that I'm making up all my issues for attention anyway. (I've been forcing myself into a panic attack almost daily for her attention?) We had a big fight about two weeks ago, when she found me with my phone next to me past lights out. I was talking to my boyfriend around 1am and listening to podcasts, anything to distract myself from my intrusive thoughts. (They just keep coming, it gets fucking exhausting after an hour's passed.) She immediately took my phone away.
When I asked for it back in the morning, she yelled at me for 2 hours straight, using my phone as a gavel, hitting it against my laptop lid repeatedly. (She had to stop at points to make sure she hadn't shattered the computer screen.) She told me I was affecting her mood, and that she thought my boyfriend was the cause of my depression. (First of all, I never asked for her help. I just thought she should know. Second of all, based on what is my boyfriend responsible for my depression? If anything, he's been the best support I could've asked for in someone who isn't my therapist. He's very careful not to enable my intrusive thoughts and need for constant reassurance, and always makes sure I'm okay. I feel bad I haven't been able to be there for him as much as I'd like.) She called him scum, and said he was bound to cheat on me (my dad cheated on her repeatedly, so this mostly went in one ear and out the other, though). She thinks I shouldn't have any self-esteem issues in a healthy relationship, even though if all my self-esteem was built on was on his words (which would be terrible in its own way), I would think I'm the prettiest girl ever to have graced the earth. My sister's also told me she never refers to him by name when talking about him, instead calling him 'that one idiot'. (Not gonna lie, this did hurt me.)
Anyway... I just don't know. Sometimes, all I want is to be able to stay up a little later, maybe have a movie night with my friends, spend some time being all intimate and romantic with my boyfriend (he makes me feel so calm and happy, and our relationship is so smooth-sailing, it's a nice change of pace). But I feel so guilty thinking this. I feel like she's in a bad place because of me. It's because I'm not spending enough time with her. It almost doesn't matter that she verbally abuses me so frequently these days, or that my therapist has repeatedly insisted her behaviour is unacceptable and not a reflection of my own behaviour. I feel so responsible. I've always been expected to keep my parents happy, since I was maybe 4 and my mom found my dad cheating on her with some Russian hooker. I comforted her in the hotel lobby then, but now I feel like I just can't afford to, almost. Not without sacrificing my own mental wellbeing even further. And that's the thing: I feel so guilty for letting down (what I believe is) the entire foundation of our relationship.
There's also this other thing. I know it may sound a bit insensitive (TW: physical abuse), but sometimes, only sometimes, do I wish she'd just beat me. I was the only child who was never really physically abused by my parents (either because of my unusual circumstances growing up or otherwise), but sometimes I just wish she'd beat me to... I don't know, maybe prove in some way that our relationship isn't okay? That I shouldn't feel guilty for 'just not knowing how to talk to mom'. I really don't know. I feel so unsafe in my own home.
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2020.10.24 05:14 rponeil Question: Claim Prime Gaming Benefits is sending me to a Russian website?

I am trying to claim this prime gaming benefits that showed up when I was loading my game today. It says to go to and log in. In the log in section, I click the icon for login in with my xbox live account and after the page loads, the text is all in Russian and there is a username (I am assuming) that isn’t mine. I quickly backed out, reset all my passwords for everything (amazon, hotmail, xbox account) and then tried again, but got the same thing.
Is anyone else having this problem?
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